Sunday, 27 December 2009

Style Prediction 2010?

My name is Sophie and I've been a bad blogger! I've started blogs and left them alone with no food, with no love and perhaps the biggest blog sin - without no updates! I've started blogs and created pages, Facebook groups and left them all to die! So ashamed and so I'm sorry! I now see the errors of my blogging ways and I promise imma be good this time, real goods! So here it goes ... from this point I'm turning over a new blog leaf and I will be a reals blogger, no part time blogging for me ... no siree! NOTE TO SELF - must remember not to let team fried eggs down even if Lanvin AW10 collection falls on lap from proverbial Parisian high fashion heaven ... I will blog! Partly because I have joined the ever increasing land of the unemployed and now have no excuse about lack of time and more importantly I have packed in my previous pointless 'career' meh, in search of a real career in err ... fashion journalism, so sure you've had this one spun before! But I'm changed mumma, this time I'm fo reals, I ain't like them other fashion folk, we gonna make this happen. Wish team fried eggs luck!


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