Tuesday, 31 August 2010


So here we finally are at the 31st of this month called August. And I can't believe how quick it has flown by. I feel like so much has happened this month in such a short amount of time that mayve I've skipped a month?

Thursday just gone saw my bestest best friend in the world turn 23. And in order to show her my utmost love for her we went to the RITZ for Afternoon Tea. Ooh suits you Sir! It was just magical. I'm so happy she loved it and here are some piccies from our day.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Leeds and I'm always taken back by how nice every one is up North. London, as much as I love ya, can sometimes get really stuck up its own gorgeous ass. BUT it was right back to London we headed to on Saturday and Sunday for adventures at ...

the bad boy that is CARNIVAL a la NOTTING HILL.

I've had some bad experiences at carnival namely when father daddy-pops papa lost me and my brother at carnival when we were younger. No shitting about ever since then mother mummy-mom mama has kind of banned carnival from having any part of our lives. But behold 2010. This year the bestest persuaded me to go on a float with her and Holy guacamole I'm glad I did. You feel like a superstar for the day and if anything you don't have to hustle and bustle through the crowds and can just have a dance and a real good time. I was with YAA Carnival Group and if you fancy being a rock star or more precisely a soca star for a day. Or two. Why not join them next time. You know you vant to. Check it all out on www.yaacentre.com

Now as good of a time I had I must say I was surprised my the number of primarily 'black' males that were shoved up against walls and frisked :( My favourite tho was the guy who got shoved. poked. and prodded. And then went straight back to dancing by our float :) So here's the message for you young men out there don't have anything on you that you shouldn't have then when you get frisked you can jump straight back into dancing, while annoyed copper looks on in jealousy. Trust me the look on the coppers face was priceless. If everyone that got searched had nothing on them, the police would soon stop searching. Don't give anyone a reason to make you into a statistic.

Social rant over, who's looking forward to September? I know it spells a NEW START. College. Uni. Autumn. etc. So enjoy these last few hours of August before it's time to return to all things Autumn.


Friday, 27 August 2010


Yes I know you either are peeing ze pants with this or holding your hands in the air in despair. However. Do not be too quick to make an irrational equals from this sum.

Let me explain.

As we know having no job can occasionally (mostly) lead to days spent gaming, interneting and/or t.v.ing. Depending on the length of unemployment sometimes we can get all three in the same day. It was while combining the last two that I stumbled across a reality tv programme called Fashion House on 4od. Imagine my delight when I discovered one of the London contestants was our Gareth. If you can not it goes something like ...

:O and then lots of :D

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Gareth he is all for conceptual design and draws influence from fetish, the East London club scene think Boombox etc and merges it all into one heck of a heady high. The show itself isn't the finest of productions but what it gives in way of an insight to a young Mr Pugh and his design aesthetic is simply proper mint. With contestants from France, Sweden, Italy and England battling it out for an opportunity to work for Stella McCartney and guest appearances from Donatella Versace, Valentino and pebble loving Naomi Campbell it does have real credentials. Highlights include overally camp designers Desqaured telling Gareth he should go into theatre(costume design) as he will not make it in fashion*, a behind the scenes look at LFW and an appearance from renown fashion guru ... Melanie Blatt from 90s pop group All Saints???

Either way it's amazing to see Gareth at work and how he approaches the design process and how the judges react to his exciting and truly unique creations.

Check it out at www.channel4.com/programmes/fashion-house/4od and above is a snip of his ingenious work for AW10/11.


*so Gareth now shows at Paris FW, holds a distinguished title as designer at Versace and his deigns are reveared the world over ... clearly fashion was the one thing Gareth WAS going to make it into. Put that in you camp pipe Dsquared.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


before they joined the man. Love the emotion this song gets across. These doods no matter how comersh they've become made good music. FACT.



Is such a funny word, you drop an 'h' and suddenly it packs one hell of a street punch but anyhoo. I've left a space time lapse these last few days about what has been going down in the world of egg so here's a snippet of a taster.

So after the adventures at Saatchi I went to Birmingham (again) but this timings for my first day as Production Assistant with First Light on their Digital Documenters Project. Which I later found out was now a role as Communications Officer, var exciting change. So watch this space on this project.

What else? Ooh and the weather has been proper unmint like. So in a search for some comfort in the cold check out these amazeballs boots to keep our poor tootsies warm. All of which can be found on our fave www. shopping spot - ASOS. I've been busting this for years but get your bright socks out like a nice neon yellow or pink and wear with these boots for an instant style twist. Promise.

Carvela 140 smackers (£)
Reppeto Mec 310 big ones (£)
55 fish sticks (£)
40 Simon Cowells (£)

I know bit of a patchwork post. But. Felt. I should pull my blogging finger out and flex them writing muscles.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010


So the other day right? Right! I went to the Saatchi Gall-arrr-ray on my way back from my photography course interview in ze Chelsea's and had a thoroughly, piffingly, jolly good time. The gallery is team contemporary art but I won't pretend I know anything about it as that would be offensive to the hoards of super talented and knowledgeable art people out there but what I can tell you about is my time looking at this said contemporary art. It was fun and thought provoking and interesting and shocking and all the nice things I like about art.

Now don't get me wrong I don't know a lot about art and am not one of those people that can use lots of arty words that confuzzle people like me. All I know is I like looking at things that make my eyes happy. AND even better make my brain think. And I 'spose that's what good art does (or at least for me anyways or at least is supposed to). That is get us all engaged even if you know jack ish about art, artists, art movements ectetera you feel like you can enjoy what you are seeing.

And above are some pictures I took of the wonderful things I loved seeing*

When I can fish out my notes I'll put the jist of the images like the artists name, title of the work and such like up but like I said I gorra fish out the notes from the endless pile of notes I've been collecting lately. Until then if you get a spare min check it out - you'll have a lorra, lorra fun. For info on the gallery and Mr Charles flex you internet muscles at http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/ .


*note - not all galleries are happy with people taking pictures (my younger utterly splendid little sister told me this, of course me being me, was like pah I'll take pictures if I want only to be shamefaced and tutted upon in Whitechapel gallery oopsy) so my friends to avoid you having to face this embarrassment remembers to ask before you pap. Unless of course you knew this from long time and you're thinking well duh Sophie where have you been living, everyone knows you're not allowed to take photographs in art galleries - in which case where have a been living?

Sunday, 15 August 2010



And I want ACNE. The fashion label of course.

Now that I am working on getting 'the body' back I can start to daydream without to much whimsical-ness of all the lovely clothes that if I get a job that pays mega bucks (of course this is not going to happen any time soon unless I consider prostitution or criminal activities - which after you see these beauties you might think is not too irrational of an idea) - I would buy.



So after weeks of seeing the fat return to my post holiday body I decided enough was enough this week and I've started running again. Prior to the Benicassim Festival break I was running almost every other day, did yoga, only ate organic dish water etc and I looked good people real good but alas no more. But its hard dawg. I'm not full times employed so I gots me a lot of time to lunch, dinner, snack and eat some more. Both at home and away.

So to keep me going when the fried dumplings, doughnuts and piles of chips come-a-calling I've compiled an album of pretty young thangs to push my fat ass into gear. With A/W practically ringing at our doors bells and the accompanying pies and warm cosy feasts it brings with it might be an idea for me to try and get fit before those early, long and cold winter nights settle in.

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Note the date my beauties as from September 02 we will be able to surf Zara online and for those of us that love the fuss free, changing room free, chav free, screaming teenager free realms of shopping online, this can only be another reason to click checkout.


Thursday, 12 August 2010


Is this the look fashion visionary Marc Jacobs was going for in the new ad campaign for the fashion maestros new fragrance BANG, shot by Juergen Teller.

We know SEX sells (I'm sure the capitalization of the verb itself just there shows this point) but wowzers this is a whole lotta overgreased nekked designer skin. And with a name like BANG was this really necessary - but then I suppose many an anti or well informed fashionista would argue that fashion is generally filled with moments that are not ultimately necessary but definitely memorable. I just hope this isn't remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The crux of commercialism is to sell in mass AND to be accessible to the mass - and one thing it has done is got us talking, surely the nucleus of the successful advertising campaign.

It's so shockingly vulgar it makes you appreciate the fine line between genius and lunatic and how easy it is to slip from one category to another. I'll let you decide which category this falls into.

Suppose it would be fair to smell the darn thing though (the fragrance not Jacobs) and pass judgement on the product. I'll keep you posted.



Yes imagine my suprise to learn my house has been eggless for three whole Earth days now! I'm going crazy I swear. I keep doing that thing that people do when there is no food in their homes and keep leaving the inner sanctum of my bedroom to go to the fridge open it up only to close it in disdain. Then go down ten minutes later to repeat the same thwarted egg hunting ritual. I mean do I expect there to suddenly be food in there ... well actually probably yes and where this ritual stems from. In which we the hungry think if we keep checking some delicious treat may miraculously appear from the depths of the walls of the refrigerator, kitchen cupboard ... fufu pot!

What have I become?

I am even too disillusioned now to blog properly.

All I gotta say is mumma better restock her egg supplies or there's gonna be some problems. Of course I can't actually order or demand mother to do anything, on account she's African and would have no problem taking a shoe to my ass.

So instead I must suffer my eggless existence in silence ...

... in other news my interview went tres good and I got accepted onto my photography course at Kensington & Chelsea.

But who cares, without a fried egg for the last three days in the words of Queen a la Bohemian Rhapsody ... "Nothing really matters. Anyone can see. Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters to me"
a rather lacklustre kiss.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


As promised here is the Birmingham post. So early on a Saturday morning (hangover in tow) we headed off to Victoria Coach Station to board the 9.30 coach up North. In we, I mean me and my beautiful cousin Brenda. Here's a little on Brenda. She's uber talented and an uber sweety. Post studying for a degree in Creative Advertising at Camberwell (UofA) she's interned at major advertising agencies and now sells sex hot shoes at Mr Kurt Geiger. But as we speak she's looking for digital and creative advertising roles. So if anyone wants a piece check out her blog Creatively Quirky for how to contact her. And that my fine friends is the ever wonderful Brends.

So off we went gossiping, giggling and having a ball on the coach. We crashed out somewhere along the way and when we woke up we where in Brummy Land! After a quick toilet stop to sort my face out - I looked like a huge steaming pile of mess. All sorted and looking more human ...

... we went to the vintage warehouse COW. Which I must say is very nicely laid out - and all at a reasonable price too. Definitely worth a visit if your ever up that way. AND can be found on Digbeth. We then proceeded to visit the infamous Rag Market where we picked up some flouro lipstick and vestie tops. Did a tour of St Martin's Church which had some beautiful architectural features and you immediately felt in awe and at peace insides it's cavernous walls. We were var glad indeed that we paid it a visit.

We then did a circuit of the Bull Ring popping into Selfridges and trying on perfumes and designer shoes and stroking amazingly luxurious handbags. Then it was off to Wagamama for lunch and then we realised we had hours left until we could start to actually party - so what to d0 - then I recalled one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Birmingham (besides just having a break from my beautiful London) and that was to visit Birmingham Gallery and Museum. But alas it had closed by 5pm. Which did throw us, as we had wanted to catch some culture. So instead we grabbed a map and headed off into town. Brends was delighted by Urban Outfitters where she had a little heart flurry over some shoes and me a book on the late and great McQueen. OOH and we also popped into Primark where I picked up a superman tee (in fact I'm wearing it now - I'll take a quick pic). Primark did also prove to be another blessing in disguise as we learnt there was a cinema to help us waste some hours. So off we strolled through Birmingham City Centre and when we got there Gainsborough (a French film) was showing. So not so much a timw waster after all. So squealing with excitement we bought tubs of sweeties (I was thrilled beyond belief to find some jelly fried eggs) and sat down to watch the film. I'll do a separate post on Gainsborough, as it deserves one - if only for being French.
By the time it was finished it was now 9pm and a suitable time to begin the nights festivities. And off in the cinema toilets I freshened up, applied me make-up and we set off into the night.
And what a brilliant night it was it involved ending up in a screamo bar, a touch or two of Kopperburg in O'Neill and then after being personally invited by two young men to an outside, underground rave called Zombie Prom. We had a jolly good jig, my flouro lipstick began to sparkle and had our picture taken for someone else's blog. How very befitting. And one of the two fine young men James had also been Benicassim this year so we had a little moment over our shared festival adventures.

And so it was done, we skipped off to find some food, had a lot of giggles and then panicked as we thought we might miss our coach - ran to the coach station and fell dead asleep until we arrived back in London.

Phew what a post and what a super sharp time we had as well.