Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Always ensure when you attend any event, whether it be a shoe weekend at Liberty that you brush hair, check make up and generally DO NOT look like a dishevelled mess. Bless the gorgeous girl who took the picture she was like this is great (cough, cough) heart of a saint that one.

If you wanna see the picture in question like Liberty on Bookface and enjoy/laugh at the horror of my faux pas. Be warned - it ain't pretty.


Sunday, 28 November 2010

SO ...

"There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will".



After this post I got in touch with the lovely Gemma Luker of Sketchbook Magazine to give you one hot interview. And low and behold she was more than happy to give me some of her time to give us a lil peep. Thanks my South London sweetheart. Let's do it.

Chicken and Chips or Chicken Chow-Mien and Noodles?
Mmmm usually I would say chicken chow mein, especially if you are having dinner out but every now and then you have to get all ghetto and hit the cheap but brilliant chicken and chip shop! Gotta love a bit of Morleys!

What are the first 3 songs are on your iPod 'Most Played List'?
Gyptian – Hold yuh
Nicki Minaj – Your Love
The entire Lady Gaga album!! ( I know that’s cheating but hey!)

Everyone has a favourite something but that's so boring, what's your least favourite food, colour and song?
Least favourite food is easy can I have 2? Peas and bananas! I can't stand green food its like you are eating straight from B&Q garden center or something how can it taste nice? And bananas, well the smell says it all, makes me hurl!
Least favourite colour would have to be orange, because it clashes with my red hair!
And least favourite song would have to be anything by Hannah Montana – I can't stand her she sounds like she has something stuck up her nose! I wanna give her a big slap on the back to help her out poor gal!

If you could have unlimited store credit at any store where would you pick?
OMG could you please make this happen?!Mmmmm that’s hard because any girl would love to pick her favourite clothes shop right? But Im going to be smart and say John Lewis – I'd spend all day in their haberdashery department (I'm an avid knitter!), and I can pick up everything a girl needs in terms of clothes, jewellery, shoes etc, kit out my house and then hit Waitrose to fill up my belly with good food after all that shopping!

I've always wondered what an elephant's breathe smells like, what have you ever wondered?
I reckon it smells so wonderful and mysterious that if you could bottle it then it would make you as smart as they are, never forgetting a thing.

What inspires you on those days where everything feels really Jade Goody (i.e. crap)?
Everyone else. Sometimes you just don’t feel like working, or totally can't think of a solution to a brief, so I realised that taking time out isn’t actually a crime and can be a good thing. I'll surf the net and check out other illustrators’ work, or various websites hoping inspiration hits (and it usually does!) or go out and visit friends. Sometimes seeing what other people are up to helps. You can’t beat a good ole laugh with friends to get you in the mood to get on with things again (and a few bottles of wine doesn’t hurt either!).

Where would you like to be in 5 years times?
Having a steady stream of illustration work coming in so I could leave the part-time supermarket job and be a full-time illustrator! I am always looking on new things to do, and plan to start my own range of greeting cards, stationary pieces etc, so hope that these take off and people love to buy them!

My dream is to have a childrens book published, and set up my own magazine, im working towards these so if I complete them I will be a very happy bunny!

Illustration is such a wicked talent, when did you first find out you had the nack for it?
Cliche answer but I have always been ‘arty’, always with a crayon in my hand when I was younger, and my xmas list consisted entirely of ‘Get Set’ kits (remember them? You could get so many things to do, they were so wicked, do they still make them?).
It was only when I decided that I had had enough of doing ‘academic’ subjects after my GCSEs that I decided to do art for my A Level, and spent my entire 2 years painting! Then I hit my foundation, and as they say, the rest is history . . . .

We hear Sketchbook is where it's at, how cool is it to be working there?
Working as part of the Sketchbook team is really as cool as it sounds! I've followed them from the start, and seeing how they have expanded is amazing, nothing is impossible for them and no one is turned away for fear of missing a brilliant idea. Getting the email from Wafa (the Editor) asking me to come in with my portfolio was such a big thrill, that despite recovering from a leg injury I hobbled down to Carnaby Street to meet her on my crutches! It's a lot of hard work but totally worth it, each time we have an event they totally take off and seeing people respond so well to them is brilliant. It’s a great way to network, and gain experience and opportunities, I've had quite a few interesting jobs working via Sketchbook that I wouldn’t have gotten on my own, for example me and a fellow Sketchbook illustrator and friend Annie Driscoll are about to start work designing a massive fashion-inspired billboard for Carnaby Street! Big things will come from the Sketchbook team while everyone continues to work hard together and push boundaries, as well as being loved by our SketchBook mom Wafa!

Did you go to Uni and if so, what course did you study?
I did a foundation at Chelsea originally in fine art, but it was during this that a tutor directed me to illustration, embarrassingly at the time I didn’t even know what it was, let alone you could make a career from it! From there I went to Middlesex University and did a BA (Hons) Illustration degree, which was the best three years of my life. That course is the best in the country, the tutors are fantastic, the facilities are great and the opportunities rival any other course. I learnt so much there, and made some great friends, which equal some great collaborations! Although more hard work has happened since leaving uni, they don’t prepare you for dealing with the really awful clients you may get!

How would you describe your illustration style?
It has changed since I left uni! For the moment I'm queen of paper, my work consists of collaged materials mixed with found objects and/or photography, sometimes taking on a digital touch!

Apparently Digital work is now coming ‘out of fashion’ so to speak, as more people want to see more ‘traditional’ illustration which makes me very happy as I can provide that. Often there is nothing better than seeing something created by hand, no matter how good computers get (and they can really try!) they cant quite rival it.

Any advice for anyone wanting to get into illustration out there?
Keep working constantly and work hard. Your ‘style’ may not be the first thing you actually start doing (I started out as an oil painter!) and your way of working can change and get better the more you go along. Find what you like doing and keep at it, sometimes doing what you love really has to be more fulfilling than just doing something for the money (or lack of).
Once you know what you’re doing, I found building up a web presence vital. Start a blog, get your work online, follow other companies and their websites etc, that way when work comes up your ready to pounce! With all the social media these days it’s much easier to find out stuff and keep in touch with the community, so theres no excuse!

And lastly, if we want to get our hands on some of the Luker magic how can we get at you?
My website and blog would be the first port of call to check out what I do, with my contact details on there also or for any work, questions or hiring you can get at me via g.luker@hotmail.com!

Or you can find me at one of the Sketchbook events, the latest happening next Friday December 3rd at the Design museum, London (see our Facebook event page or the Sketchbook website for more details!).

Seriously how delicous is she. Love her and her work. I've known Gemma through that lovely cousin of mine Brends and remember being younger and going on day trips with Gem, Brends and the rest of her hot ass crew in Brixton town and it's so lush to see her going places. And trust me she is going to get there no worries. Question is will you be here to see it happen?


Friday, 26 November 2010


The retail experience that is Liberty is feeding our insatiable appetite for hot footwear with a whole weekend dedicated to shoes! With the slap from Jack Frost's sharp hand that has besieged us it's probably only Liberty that could heat us up with shoes, the freshest drag maestros and music spun by DJ Richard Sloan they way they did tonight.

And with all that to tempt me you know I was in the mix. And you know you have to as well. Get to planning your purchases here.

Firstly, props to Liberty for their serenely casual layout. Remember how I freak out when shopping? Well I didn't freak out once (not even a little bit). The whole store flows and the store assistants don't swamp you and do the hard sale - no, they smile, leave you to peruse and if and when you need assistance they're right there just like that. I'm not sure how it's done but by Jove it's magical.

But for now back to the shoes. Ah, the shoes. Kirkwoods. Westwoods. KG. Ash's. YES! I was in shoe heaven - and although I didn't make a purchase today (payday is seven days away), I've got my eyes on a pair of Kirkwood boots that'll make me starry eyed.

Talking of starry eyed - Jeanette, The Pearly Queen and Lavinia dropped by to whip us into a frenzy of laughter, shopping and joviality. Seriously, I need to find out why drag is called drag 'cos these ladies where just yummy and you really get the sense that they are excellent at entertaining and bringing some magic into your life. Definitely a talent. Definitely a fan.

Also - (my, this post is getting long but bare with me) I spied Louise Gray. Cue mouth dropping open and gasps of audible envy. Or at least from me who ogled her highlighter green leather jacket. I don't think I've wanted something so much (well maybe apart from the Kirkwoods). It made me smile, also just realised it inadvertently matched the drinks. My kinda fashion. Really, only she could evoke such awe from me. I really do love her designs. They're so aspirational, smile inducing and dare I say it happy. Her clothes make me happy. Her dress for Lulu & Co (see just why Lulu & Co are one of Matches Top 10 here). Happiness personified. .

I wish I could of said hello but I got so scared and I just hung around her like some sort of pervert or bad smell.

Talking of bad smell I stank real good when DJ Sloan announced he liked my hair, to which I answered thanks. But that's not the stinky part, let's keep going. He then proceeded to ask me where my shoes where from and in a classic mouth not engaging with brain moment I shouted out Primark. Dar-hude! What? That's like giving a vegan a double-cheeseburger wrapped in bacon. Wrong. I could of said anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Just not Primark. Oh well better luck next time ay. Told you it stunk.

Next time I'll have my blue and black Kirkwood boots on though and I'll smell of only sweet roses.

Hopefully, I will have some wonderful news to share with you next week to do with Lulu and her wonderful crew. Seriously it could be amazing but if not I'll still delight you with tales of my shortcomings a la my Primark outburst.

For details of the weekend click me!

That's all folks.


Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Vote for the person who you feel is a true British ambassador for fashion and style and the lovelies at BFC are drawing one entry to attend the actual awards. Yes rubbing shoulders with all that fashion magic.


Now all you gorra do is decide who to vote for (any guesses for who I picked?).

Gets to voting here

Oh and how funking fit does Holly Fulton look at last years awards where she won the "Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Accessories".

Easy sweetheart.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010



Pronounced: boo-key

Definition: Something isn't quite right.

AS IN - "That guy wanted me to meet him in some next alley, sounds a bit booky still"



Do I even need to tell you these are from WAH?

Love how the hand owner has accessorised her nail art with a three way gold ring.

Easy geezer!



How many times have you felt uncomfortable with how close that dude it standing next to you? How many times have you been out wanting to enjoy a night on the dancefloor, when that dude grabs your bum? How many times will we have to go through this before we see it’s just not on. Hopefully with the help of Hollaback LDN we will soon see that a) it ain’t just you sweety and b) we gotta start shouting out.

And judging from their first meeting (photo by Sonny Malhotra) held on October 8 at WAH it looks like I'm gonna be heading down to meet the Hollaback crew soon cos' these ladies look like they mean business. Boom. Let's do it people.

Let me tell you a story. True in every word I must add. Once I was out in Camden with a friend and after losing half our group in Oxford Circus we were in the queue to get into Underworld just the two of us (both females), nothing too far out, but let’s continue. Two nasty looking young men came over and tried to holla at us and not that I don’t like the younger man but when you do what he did you know I ain’t game. But I digress the boys proceeded to touch my bum to which I told him to “get the funk back” and then annoyed at my rebuff he whipped out his teeny tiny excuse for a ... oh yes he really went that far. I then descended in a torrent of abuse that would have your gran turn in her grave and for some reason he weren’t so keen when I called him a wasteman et al. Seriously though what a mong. I'll decide when and how I get my bum touched and/or see your bits thank you.

Why he felt he could just do that is what disturbs me the most and the fact that I know that so many other girls and women have experienced these sort of incidents, some more disturbing and some far less – what is true of it all it is we ain’t having it no more. Whether launching into a verbal putdown or sharing on the ingenious website that is Hollaback LDN it’s high time we put these ‘men’ to shame.

That’s all.

Now your turn to HOLLABACK



A short while back I eluded to the fact that some of my blog posts are inspired by what I see and hear from others and Tobi is one of my main fashion hotspots supplies. In life it is a blessing to be able to learn and become informed by others. Woes betide the fool who does not seek to find.

For as soon as she found out about Google Boutiques she emailed me to share the news. However, me being me (only God knows why and how I lasted in admin for so long) didn’t pick up the email so instead had the delight of Tobi showing me when I went into the BDP offices Friday gone.

So what is my verdict? Well I ‘spose it’s convenient to have a host of choices picked out for me based on my preferences (call it personal shopping Google style) but sometimes my best outfits are a direct result of me riffling across the net and picking up bits and pieces from everywhere and sometimes these bits and pieces are items that have no relation to my personal style preferences at all.

The idea is by filtering out and, in some cases, in what you really want, Google are able to show you items which correspond to your style. They even give certain preferences names like Romantic/Boho yada yada. But where does this leave those of us that hate being pigeon holed? The follow option of course. Boutiques doesn’t just allow for style generation and shopping it gives its users the opportunity to follow ‘celebs ‘(hmm? are you sure) and fashion bloggers to see what Google cooks up for them. Now this I see as a potentially worthwhile tool not because I’d want to copy the look of any one person let alone a ‘celeb’ but I’m a nosey mofo and it would be interesting to see what my favourite bloggers are chosen (namely Ms Bubble).

I guess we’ll see how it all takes off but for now I’ll be a spectator as opposed to a participator mainly because seeing virtual racks upon racks of designer goodies make my eyes cry a little bit of blood.

See what you make of Boutiques .

What would be interesting to see is whether online sales for any brands increase as a result of Boutiques.


SO ...

"Can't you see how ugly Cinderella is?. But, to everyone's amazement, the shoe fitted perfectly.



The lovely and talented Gemma sent me a heads up to an event taking place weekend after next at the Design Museum and me and the Fujifilm will be skipping along to check it all out. I mean I heard the words Sketchbook (one of her mega parents [employers] in illustrative design) and Richard Nicholl and knew this would be something I’ll hate myself for if I miss. And if you don't wanna hate yourself too put in some overtime here.

It also goes without saying that Gemma is a very motherfunking sharp illustrator and hopefully I’ll bombard her with Facebook messages asking her to give me an interview to go on here.

That’d be our very first interview which is all rather grand seeing as not long ago we made our 1000th peep.

In the meantime support her by checking out her blog and commissioning her to work on your projects here.



Photography is one area of fashion that I’ve always marvelled upon. But not just fashion as the blog suggests - I am a respectful spectator of ALL photography. New and old, the whole darn lot. Stemming perhaps from my distinct lack of photographic skills the camera has the ability to capture an idea, a story, a memory and a feeling (sometimes all in one go) and with the right photographer an outfit can be elevated to be all of these things.

I’m constantly arriving upon photos which I love and sharing them here even if perhaps they are very suited to my tastes alone.

However, feast your beady little eyes on Pierre Dal Corso. Parisian based meaning uncouthly attractive and a higher obsession factor guaranteed in my books; you just know this is my sort of thing.


He makes the colours sing and the flesh tingle. The clothes dance and the models fly. Shit how funking cheesy did that sound? Massively I know but it’s as honest as I can be, Wait does that mean deep down I’m a true cheeseball? Actually don’t answer that – sometimes, just sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Truly a talent that needs to be appreciated.


Sunday, 21 November 2010


Watermelon kicks ass over all them other fruit even the royal grapes and apples. But a crisp pear comes a sweet fructose second. So you know I'm loving these bad boys.

"Coming of the Metal Bird”, photo by Pao Houa Her.

Courtesy of the booooooom.



Comes courtesy of River Island.

Now that's one fit shoe.

And if you're into trending primary (colour) blocking is one to watch.



Did I tell you I stayed in this weekend. Well by in I mean I spent the weekend with my beautiful, bountifully loving family of nutters and me and my nut farm went out for a Friday night spent with Harry Potter to watch the new installment in Warner Bros cash cow.

Now I'm not that much of a sucker to not understand that Harry Potter is one huge money fest for many companies but I've been seeing these films for the past 10 years and as my French man friend pointed out it's part of my childhood.

I haven't read the Deathly Hallows yet and I'm not going to until I've watched that last film. Why? Because watching the film after the book bites. I remember as a child reading The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and finding it such a literally adventure that I proceeded to obtain every book in the series and fall further in love. Then when I watched the film - like premature ejaculation - very disappointing. So I don't fancy coming early again thank you.

Moving on swiftly. I also cooked a feast for my entire family of all their favourite treats and it was a very special and lovely dinner.

So this week take a moment to spend some time with your family. Even if it's dropping them a text, an email, a suprise visit or just reliving a funny family memory in your head - it all counts.

And with this in mind I'm sending buckets of love to you all. Peace and happiness to all my readers and fellow bloggers.

Now enough with the mush. Here's some shit that'll get you hard this coming week.
  1. Fancy a slice of Paris but not heading there anytime soon, make Paris come to you with a virtual trip to Colette. And whatever your budget I can bet my bottom dollar (and seeing as that's all I've got left you know I'm serious) you'll find something. I found these pretty LA PIÈCE x MASOMENOS for a bargainous £8.55 - which has my tatty brown tweed blazer waiting patiently for them.
  2. 400 Women is a hard hitting, think tank of an art kind by artist Tamsyn Challenger that is showing in Shoreditch Town Hall until the 28th and is genuinely a must see for me this week.
  3. Lanvin for H&M in stores this Tuesday 23rd - ready?



"The first step is the hardest"

- after that just keep on walking.



Rah ... now that's mega watts on point!

Hold it down @ WAH NAILS.



The sumptuous orange and black Hermes scarf shown above caught my attention whilst in Glasgow this September and I was quick to snap a picture of it in lieu of actually having the funds to buy the beaut. Imagine my joy to see it come back to hit me in the face when I saw it adorned on the hand of none other than my love Lulu Kennedy at the Hermes pop up shop in Shoreditch. What can I say - great minds think alike yo! (I wish). How great does it look tied around the wrist. Fabric, cuff fantastic. Photo (uno) check to her blog.

The pop leaves Shoreditch today so if you're free and on it head on down to the Rochelle School where I'm sure you'll be left deeply satisfied.

I could not make it this weekend due to commitments along the lines of family dinners and lunches but I'll be checking it out when it goes to West on the 25th.

Shame I missed it in East though - coulda just used me bus pass like.



Saturday, 20 November 2010


Katie Holmes S/S 2009 CAMPAIGN








Before someone realises their error.

ASOS are offering free delivery WORLDWIDE. In their words 'ON ALL ORDERS, EVERYWHERE' - so for all my international peepers I share this with you cos I love you and in case you didn't know this yet.




... at the beginning: It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black.

- Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood



The beat. The video. The boys. The visuals. The era. The style.

The bollocks.



If you can muster up the imagination to join the word Spanish and Moss, what would your eyes see?


Shitdamn! So hot someone could actually get hurt. Or at least your pennies will cos all these goodies (except Beverley Hills and that gorgeous male model - alas) can be bought at Spanish Moss.

Have fun!

Oh and if you're lucky enough to be shopping from the US you lucky dolls get free shipping on orders over $150. Jealous? Me? Very!



The story goes I'd been after a turban for yonks and could never find one so a lovely Hindu guy I met somewhere in London taught me how to DIY it Hindu style and for the last however many years I haven't had the urge to purchase one ... that is until recently.

It's not that I'm not happy with constructing one myself, it's just my ass is la-ha-zee. And if there was some direct correlation between ass size and laziness I wouldn't get a very lot done. Luckily there isn't.

Where was I again? Oh right the turban - so yeah some days you hit that snooze button one too many times and just like that you're running late. Cue the ready made turban. Just lying there waiting to be the crowning glory on a head of a sleepy Sophie.

In doing my usual blog rounds I happened to pass by the name of Ms Cantwell and low and behold she sells the very kind of ready made turban my ass wanted all those years ago and recently.

And if that wasn't enough her ETSY store is full to the brim of delightful little finds to suit the darkest of your fashion moods.

Thank you Audrey.