Thursday, 28 October 2010


Mother funking bad ass hotness!

Love it!

They're already on the blog roll but in case you're too excited to scroll over.

And if you can't contain you're excitement and you're around Oxford Street, best just run into Topshop and see the gallies who trust me are very gully indeed.



Sometimes when you're bored there are certain guilty pleasures that you love to indulge in. Flicking through catalogues and making your dream room/house. Setting the minimum spend to a million on Right Move and checking out all the pads you would buy if you had the mullah. Wanking.

My new found joy is flicking through the online portfolios of Storm.

Newest girl crush Madam Aline Weber.

Guilty as charged people, guilty as charged.

Care to join me? ... just hit the button.



YSL Wedge Ankle Boot.

Need I say more.




Okay the thing about diets is they work for me. Now by diets you're probably thinking something sensible but you ain't ever done a "Sophie Diet".

So post my breakdown this afternoon when my Burberry shorts did not budge past mid thighs I decided it was time to visit the land of the "Sophie Diet" again.


Goodbye friends. Goodbye half way boyfriend. Goodbye sanity and general happiness while we're at at. Goodbye carbs, sugar and caffiene. Goodbye meat, diary and fat. AND sob, sob goodbye my dear friend Mr. Alchohol.

Hello obessisive compulsive disorder. Hello Mr.Vegetables. Hello green tea by the bucket. Hello nice small boobs. Hello running in freezing cold London. Hello "Sophie Diet".

See you on the other side.



Is a great time. It's one minute before 7. And in the numerical sense it's one up from 658. It is also the door number of the creepy old lady who collects cats from down the way.

But none of that is relevant to this 6FITYNINE.

MOST partays are much better when they are unofficial. Not ALL but MOST. Fact numero deux NikeID is the cream soda of the trainer customisation world. I believe it is what they call the daddy. Now throw them together over Halloween weekend and ...

Word from the people that brought you the unofficial NikeID partays ... SHABBA! Okay not so much but if you want THE halloween get down for 2010, you knows you gotta' be at their Halloween Carnival. Plus InFormed London are hosting one room you know you'll want to be in.

See you there.


Wednesday, 27 October 2010


You don't have to love me,

You don't even have to like me,

But you WILL respect me!




A little something to look at before hitting the sack.

Sweet dreaming.


Tuesday, 26 October 2010


And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ...

You know every day we are hit hard with brands that claim to make affordable and 'fashionable' clothes. This means the highstreet is full to the rafters of brands and stores even more full of cheap jeans,tops, shoes, bags, bananas etc. This could equate to great consumer choice but for me it means I get too confused, have a little panic and drop my shopping basket and run to the quiet safety of my favourite charity shop to shop in relative peace (if you don't count the pre op trans lady who follows me around Salvation Army or the time I had an argument with the little old women in St. Francis Hospice for having a gollywog in the window or the time I rack stalked a middle-aged woman for a vintage Burberry shirt she got to before me).

So when a brand manages to deliver well crafted, affordable and stylish clothes that I can brave the crowds of Oxford Street for you know it's gotta be good right? Wrong! Wrong I hear you cry, yes wrong. But wait people ... Cheap Monday isn't just good it's motherfunking awesome. It's rocking and comes with a big dose of attitude that I think only the Swedes can give us. I mean hello Acne.

I salute you Mr Monday. Keep doing your thing and I'll keep wearing a skull above my ass.

Please note my first pair (2005) of Cheap Monday skinny jeans were literally worn to death. I think somewhere along the line my mum got hold of them and decided enough was enough and threw them out. I'm still not quite over it but I'm sure in some weird way it's proof enough of the shit hotness of the label. I'm also secretly convinced that an emo from 'The Great Emo Movement of 2006' stole them whilst they hung proudly on my washing line, but like the mum theory I don't really have any proof. Fuckers.

Anyhoo get your ..

Cheap Monday at Urban.



Well probably not quite but those of us daily surfers will have seen the banner stating the imminent 'Final Mainline Collection'.

NOW I think we shouldn't get too ahead of ourselves, as Kate's Topshop partnership will have surely been a lucrative (for both sides) partnership and an unmistakably great opportunity for Kate to enter the field of 'Celebrity Designer'. This is celebrity endorsment at it's finest. And you know why - because it's Kate. In the sense that it's credible, desirable and accessible to all - so I doubt this is really the end of the Topshop/Kate Moss empire. It is however the end of the 'Mainline' and to say goodbye to that Topshop are saying au reviour their way. AKA. The best way.

On the 1st of November "Kate will be hosting a shopping extravaganza featuring special guest DJs and a cocktail bar ..." READ MORE

Err ... YES! And as if that wasn't enough are showing us KM's looks from this final collection over the next seven days. Click here for SEVEN DAYS OF KATE

And no not yet done, there's more ... come on this is Topshop bitches, you knows how they do. No? Kick ass people, they do kick ass! In conjuction with Vogue's Night In,Topshop and our Kate are holding an exclusive event for customers.

So in a nutshell it may be goodbye to the great collections we've seen so far but it's gonna be the best goodbye you ever did see.

Which makes me think what IS the best goodbye I ever did see? Hmm. There is when Whitney says 'see ya' to J in The City. Or when the item you buy is scanned as cheaper than the price tag, same with when the cashier gives you too much change - and you gotta hot step outta that shop. Or when you leave that hot lovers house the morning after and he gives you that kiss and looks into your eyes and ...(no me neither)


Monday, 25 October 2010


And the duck came accordingly, and Hansel got upon her and told his sister to come too. “No,” answered Grethel, “that would be too hard upon the duck; we can go separately, one after the other.” And that was how it was managed, and after that they went on happily,



Cor blimey I'm a fully fledged member of the man loving club but lil' Abbey. The things I could do to you.

The chin, the gap tooth, the hair ... THE pierced nipple. Hot. Hot. Hot mama.

Okay so I sound rather dangerous there but she is lush. Some people have the face and the body that can almost safely guarantee a career in fashion modelling. And with recent campaigns for Alexander Wang, Chanel & Mulberry and covers including Vogue Nippon, i-D and Dazed it's no wonder she is ranking on top 5.

Miss Kershaw keep doin' your thang baby girl.



Woke up and fancied a big bowl of rap from my secondary school years.



Need I say more, I will though (it's me) ... worn with bright socks (neon if you please), tights, over the knee socks, just bare skin ... it's all adding up in my head as a major yes. I've actually tried these bitches on in Selfridges shoe galleries and woi.

Legs slimmed in an instant people ... in an instant - and trust me I have a lot of leg. A LOT. I'm no Topshop PR Officer but I think that these shoes are close to footwear miracles. So if anyone wants to throw £120 my way ... I'd be very grateful, in particular my thighs.

*NB - so if anyone is in from Topshop PR Office .... "Hey and err how you doing?" - wiggles eyebrows in slightly suggestive, highly haunting manner.


Sunday, 24 October 2010


It's that time again where the weekend is drawing to a close and the week ahead beckons you to it.

This weekend I headed south of the River (Thames) into what is commonly referred to as South London. It was probably the first time I managed to go down south without freaking out. But that maybe (definately) had something to do with the Jack we polished off on the train there. Nothing symbolises fuck you like drinking on the Underground. IN fact since Boris' ban I'm sure there's been an increase in public train drinking. We brits love saying fuck you without actually having to say you know fuck you.

In my defence I only freak out when I'm going down in a car. Super play of words there. It's not until I can see the lights of the City and Docklands from a car to the north of me that I start worring how ever will this North East dweller ever manage to survive not knowing there is a 55, 8, 25, 5, 149, 243, 115 etc within easy walking.
So lessons this crazy weekend, where I didn't bathe until this morning and wore the same party clothes for close to 36hrs, have taught me.

A toothbrush in your handbag is a handy old thing for every girl to posess, being a pervert is only acceptable if you are hot or dangerous, junk food is boring but so the only way to go when your culinary budget is circa £1.99, a Blackberry holder does not constitute as a wallet (even if all your ID, cards and money are live here) and finally in terms of men FRENCH > English.





–adjective 1. not soft; solid and firm to the touch; unyielding to pressure and impenetrable or almost impenetrable.

As in "I'm so hard"



Louis Porter
Zhang Xia

Martien Mulder

Jan Schoenwiesner

Jennilee Marigomen

Lindsay Johal

Felix Rcid

Ann He



Whilst perusing around New Bond Street with cousin and bestest yesterday afternoon we fell head over heels for this spiked Burberry tote.

So if I stumble across £3,000, you know on the bus or in the toilets in McDonalds ...