Tuesday, 26 April 2011


And with not so much wait as the Glasgow pictures here are the Berlin pictures from February.



Friday, 22 April 2011


In a world full of the excess and temptations ... GOOD FRIDAY is the perfect chance to reflect, repair and right the wrongs we have in our life.

Here's thanks to God and wishing you all a happy Easter.



Wow now this is one late post but finally purchasing (well mother did) one of those fancy scanner come printer come image editor devices has forced me to edit and upload so many lost in transition shots.

Let's start with Glasgow - September '10 for Brends 24th.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011



This weekend gone I took an amazing trip to Manchester as I hinted in my Anish Kapoor post and what a time I had.

I went primarily to see my good friend Susie who is the loveliest vessel of joy ever – I felt so comfortable being with her and what a time we had – it was like the gorgeous weather was just for us gorgeous two. She's studying BA Performance Arts and Media and is talented to boot ... in fact here is her future predicted via the medium of her gorgeous toothbrush holder that I sneakily took a picture of.

Here’s a few snaps of ‘Rape Forest’ on the way to Susie’s pad that took my breathe away before hearing the story of creepy goings in in its’ vicinity when the sun goes down – remember that song by the Artic Monkeys “When the Sun Goes Down” definitely the sort of park that Roxanne would fall victim to. Anyhow talk of the Artic Monkeys brings me beautifully into another one of mine and Susie’s excited rambles – Benicassim.

With almost exactly three months to go I can’t wait for me and the cousin to hook up with Susie and her crew and spend seven sunshine filled days causing festival havoc.

But for now the exhibition itself is such a mind blowing experience that anyone who is in and is going to Manchester needs to see it as a matter of urgency. The work poses so many questions that you eye forces your brain to think about, defying the physical restraints of conventional art mediums his work is a chance to question our relationship with ourselves and how we perceive the world around us – or at least that’s what I got out of it. Simply put it is super XXL rad.

After coming back from seeing her I feel so revived and ready to roll and it has made me assess a lot of the people in my life and realise that the addition of Susie into my inner circle marks just the third non family member that I consider my world. Although with one being my best friend really that’s two, so other than Suz that's just one other person - quality. Whoops did I ramble a bit too fast there so it's 2+1=3-1=2-Susie=1

And that amazing other is a beautiful lady who I met while volunteering on the Digital Documenters project by First Light – so there you are my dears because you never just know when God will throw you a true friend to catch and hold on to – so that’s exactly what I’m going to dedicate my vibes to holding my true friends (all four of them) very, very close to me.

So in the spirit of this post make sure you hold onto your own as sometimes you never realise their true worth until you have to put up with the crap of/get rid of some half-hearted friends.

♥ ♥ Love you KH, BA-M, SA & PT ♥ ♥


Monday, 4 April 2011


After the joy of customising the cheap and bland black skinny jeans my mind has gone buck wild with the endless possibilities of creating hard edged Burberry inspired pieces and so I have filled one virtual eBay basket with rivets, pliers, tailors chalk and studs to help me along. Besides unless I come across a fair few bob, possessing the real thing poses some sort of strategic dilemma of the bankruptcy variety.

Burberry do really know how to create the winter coat that has us lusting over it a whole season before we've even stopped complaining about how miserable winter is and how much we are glad summer is here. Thanks to Christopher Bailey and his team of talent, Burberry manages to capture the rock, classic vibe of London like no other brand bar perhaps Balmain and it's version of Parisian rock, classic vibe.

As I wait their delivery here’s a snap or two of the project from this week set off by gold nails that I donned for the weekend. Although at my desk at work they look rather out of place, not helped by the fact I attempted to pick them off last night with 90% success as a one left index finger refused my many attempts to extract any gold from its death grip and so I am sat here writing this post with one long gold nail looking like some kind of evil warlock.




Presents wrapped with that extra touch of care always bring an unrivalled feeling of joy such as this Mothering Sunday gift presented to the ma yesterday. Although I sheepishly admit it is not of my own doing, the lovely ladies at a good old fashion department store take the praise here - the desired effect was still produced, lots and lots of smiles.

In spite of my attempts to lay low I gathered that the emergence of myself would also lead to a plethora of late nights as was the case this Saturday, one catch up with my favourite cousin and a dangerously good looking moustached chap later and it’s 5am in Hackney Road. Generally this can be classed as somewhat of a rather successful jaunt that saw me spy more Christopher Kane galaxy tees than one could ever imagine to see though being at a warehouse party hosted by Jaguar Shoes with cracking bands and video art installations tends to lend itself quite nicely to these sorts of wears.

Note my own galaxy tee is yet to be worn, as it awaits my birthday dinner (exactly four weeks away now) and the removal of it's tags waits that May day.

Keeping it company is my Ashish fast food tee which was a pleasing purchase from the recent Topshop flash sale.

With Mothering Sunday and Glastonbury draining any resources of the monetary variety from me this week I resolved to visit the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A in the next fortnight – as a result I spent Saturday (which was due to be V&A day) with arts and crafts activities of the fashion sort.

Armed with a very cheap pair of jeans, a bread knife, Google and a grater and I had the tools ready to create some ripped skinny jeans.

One black and white film and a riffle through my ma’s coat cupboard later and capiche I had pieced together a rather pleasing outfit.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends too and spent some thought on the mother in or out of your life.


Friday, 1 April 2011


Now I’ve never knowingly participated in this custom that greets the first day of April, however if it’s fashion related I’m all in. So cue American Apparel with a sale too good to be true, except that it isn’t. Is that the fool part? Anyway, buying seven items for £6 is nothing near a joke and was my pleasant surprise and reality this morning courtesy of an email in my inbox from AA.


And an excellent way to kick start April, spring and summer.

Also inspiring me at the moment is the joy of Easter and with it I tip fully into a new year full of new promises that are yet to reveal themselves, opportunities to grab, memories to make with friends (new and old) and mistakes to learn from. Add to this that my birthday falls at the beginning of the month of May and I’m drawing lots of joy from impending celebrations of being blessed with another year of life. I will be heading to my favourite East London eatery with a small and intimate group of my nearest and dearest friends to toast and eat to the occasion and that in itself is inspiring me greatly.

As a guilty pleasure I have fallen for Tumblr blogs by young spritely things who are no doubt much younger than me but the dedication to their collation of images is commendable and I would be lying if their postings haven’t got me daydreaming of leather, airy tees and summer.

Add to that the warm days and bright skies, blossoms, daffodils and bluebells and its up, up and away.

p.s. make sure you sign up to American Apparel newsletter here.



Next Friday sees me head to Manchester to see one lovely star of a young lady called Susie and see how to get down northern style. I first met her during the First Light Digital Documenters Project I was very tiny-ly involved in last year, due to work and uni commitments and hope I’ve made a solid and true friend.

Right on brother.

The First Light Awards took place a few weeks back ana I was lucky enough to get to see (if only briefly) a lot of faces I hadn't seen for a while and made sure I arranged some trips to see them quick sharp.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Now in anticipation of my travels and adventures the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery will definitely be one of my hits during my two day jaunt. If you’re in and around Manchester make sure to check it out real soon.



I have had my eye, just the one mind, on the YSL arty ring. I was meant to purchase it way back last year but kept putting its arrival on my finger further and further forward. Then it became popular, no like really popular and I had a twang of ‘maybe not’ but a pretty thing will always be a pretty thing and I will always want a pretty thing no matter how popular so I have decided give me this pretty thing.

Inspired by the impending arrival of the new season of Dr Who on BBC 1 the swirls of the stone and the contours of the gold remind me of a faraway planet that I can only imagine the good doctor could end up arriving upon, Tardis in tow ready to save the day in all his glorious splendour.

So to honour the return of the Dr, I will mark this occasion with the only way I see fit, a YSL ring and Sky+.



Firstly sorry dear interweb peoples - my absence causes me much shame. However, realising an error is one thing, fixing it is the other and finally learning from it is the whole darn thing (or something like that).

Not to bore you with the drib and drab but finishing off this year of university and work have left me with very little time to do much else but sleep. Although I have managed to fit in a fair few runs and Pilates sessions, something about the arrival of fairer weather signals an alarm bell in my internal psyche that it’s time to shed those winter pounds – and without all the trumpet blowing that usually accompanies me when I don’t actually follow through, I’m pleased to say since December I have firmly stuck by my new developing guns (of the muscular variety).

Indeed, while the more professional, knowledgeable and experienced bloggers have turned blogging into an art form I am still to tune the art of REGULAR blogging.
I also must share the news that I am now writing for Teenbook magazine as the name suggests it is closely tied to its sister publication Sketchbook and is due to hot shelves early summer.

In other news I have been doing a tiny but of shopping which has given me an immense amount of joy as shopping does. I do however, still maintain my fear of shopping crowds and have been ordering from the comfort of my … sisters … laptop. Besides it all takes so much less time and therefore reduces resulting palaver buying over the interwebs.

Joining my rickety 70s style cupboard which I’m sure my mum actually handed me down from the 70s is a Christopher Kane Galaxy Tee, Ashish Happy Meal Tee, Holly Fulton for ASOS shirt, and Alexander McQueen yellow and cream silk scarf.

So as a welcome post back into blogging this is it.

Besides now I have deleted my personal Facebook account that will give me, oh, a good few more minutes to blog.