Sunday, 30 January 2011


Delving into the wardrobes of others is a long standing secret (until now) fetish of mine. So you can imagine my joy for Susie's' third episode of Monki tv.

Our wardrobes reveal a side of us that is rarely shared - granted people see the clothes we are wearing every day but to see how we choose to categorize our wears is a telling insight plus for the nosey like me excellent opportunities to ooh and ahh. Last week during class our lecturer discussed the nosey, inquisitive nature of journalists and I couldn't agree more.

I'm always wanting to find out just that little bit more about what the fashion community thinks, feels and wants. A conversation I have no shame in eavesdropping into.

For now I won't embarrass myself with the pitiful wardrobe of mine unless I inherit a plethora of YSL vintage wears and Christopher Kane dresses.


SO ...

We must feel love for one other if we are to love our own self - those who need our love the most are sometimes the hardest to love and the least likely to seek it.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011


There is a hiatus in the beat of my heart. A blip in the continuation of time.

As I await its return to normality so that I can write an actual piece about the masterpiece.

Feast you eyes on these. Images from Fashiongonerouge.

I sont morts et monté au ciel.



So last year I announced that I was the newest Fashion Writer for Sketchbook magazine, well behind various closed and some open doors I have been busy working with the talented Gemma Luker who we interviewed last year on getting the first Sketchbook, book together.

Yesterday we received word from our Editor, the ever gorgeous Wafa, that the first section of work we'd put in was going live on Facebook for comments and feedback. Or more correctly our first taster chapter.

It's an exclusive chance for you to see what will be inside the book and more importantly the chance for YOU to tell us what you think.

Consider yourself a fashion focus group.

After all - once it goes to print there ain't no turning back.

So for your first exclusive peek check it out on the Sketchbook Facebook page ...





So Fashion Weeks are making their entries to our cities and the circus of A/W is coming to a town (or at least a computer screen) near you soon.

First off the roster for me are the couture shows of Paris. THE very reason indeed I fell for fashion as a misguided youth. The theatrics, the drama, the beauty, the ugly, the soft and the elegance trapped me in a bubble of fantasy that try as other FWs do can never quite capture that spark and silence the shows instill in me.

The story is eloquently told through the fold of the fabric and the magic realised in intricate designs and brought to life by the talented seamstresses who lovingly sew every last stitch by hand. Oh but to experience couture. The dreams and as it were nightmares of design geniuses who without the constraints of the brand can show us what true expressionism is.

Maybe too much but like one Essex girl said to the other ... it's never too much!

So let's kick off proceedings with the Chanel Couture show courtesy of Mr Lagerfield. I'm telling you watching a Chanel show live to me would be like my brother scoring the winning goal in a World Cup final ... immense!

Anyhow personal fantasies aside - Karl has delivered a sumptuous collection of garments which sit as if floating away from the body. A whimsical escape from the form fitting clothes the last decade revelled in (apart from the tunic revival of 2008 - which I loved, if not just for wibbly tummy hiding abilities).

The silhouette like a real shadow acts to frame the delicate makeup chosen to compliment the collection - ditto the wispy updo's.

Lagerfield however, the true maestro of taking the classic to the arms of the modern does not forget the power of the skinny with form fitting trousers to match the more pastel box pieces. And as though a shadow reflecting into a lake of mercury the silver trousers are just the edge to wake up the classic Chanel tweed.

Then comes the crescendo of gowns - equally as whimsical but structured in a way that anchors the whole collection down with it's use of heavier more cumbersome materials, appearing as a metaphor to stop the light airy feel of the collection from flying away. An idea seen further in the collection from the use of chainmail inspired weaving and material.

It's gentle yet sharp and again it reminds me just how good things can be.

I'm a strong believer in there is no such thing as a coincidence and with the Dazed and Confused piece on Chanel in the February edition (read during my lunch) - I hasten to add this show was meant for me to see.

Now your turn.

Check it out courtesy of Vogue.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

SO ...

The abundance of love makes our hearts leap for joy. Do not allow anyone to bring you back down.



As the country settles into January life after that day called Blue Monday - which frankly is the most stupidest thing to hit my ears since Li-Lo's doomed appointment as Creative Advisor at Ungaro - I have revelled in so much happiness that I feel summer is beaming it's rays down even as I sit here in this freezing spot by the window that the family PC calls home, Blue Monday? - pah!.

And with fashion ahead of everything (even the seasons it seems as talk of SS hits EVERY fashion magazine and source) I bring you snaps from the ever sharply gorgeous Rumi Neely of the fashion blog emporium that is Fashion Toast.

There are some blogs that you NEED to know about. As if you didn't already follow Rumi ; )



... in the back of your mouth. Ooh how nice when it comes to life.

(IN)decorous taste.



I don't usually fall too deeply for the men's collections but recently in my bid to embrace the androgynous undertones that keep occurring in my daily attire (AA mens sweater, vintage Burberry men's shirt, my brothers tweed blazer etc) I find the Prada men's collection clinically marvellous.

A feeling of surgical cleanliness (the white boots and jacket) and sharp graphical lines meets 70s and 80s mens sports wear (Liverpool being my main point of cultural reference for some reason) - and it all adds up to being eerily too perfect - almost like something might just creep up behind you and well I'll let you fill in the blanks.

But the yearning for a pop of something is thankfully alleviated with the shimmer of sparkly yarn dotted on the sweaters.

AND coming from the home that backed the man bag from when my father was a boy ... those bags are the things that make my daddy cry ... tears of joy you understand.

For those of you who didn't manage to catch the show streamed live on Sunday check out the images above and more courtesy of Vogue.


Friday, 14 January 2011

SO ...

"Happiness is a matter of one's most ordinary and everyday mode of consciousness being busy and "lively and "unconcerned with self".

- Iris Murdoch



Is back with a new collection for Topshop.


In a collection that puts junk food on display at a time when we are being bombarded with lose weight adverts on the telly - post all that Christmas binging is genius. Superfast Jellyfish.

I told you about my Ashish sale purchase which is increasingly becoming my number 1 go to tee.

His designs reflect popular culture in a colourful burst of well constructed designs. Taking iconic brands, slogans and images and throwing them back at you in perhaps a two fingered salute to popular culture. Who knows? All I do know is Topshop and Ashish have again proved to me that popular collaborations are just my thing.

Referring to the image above taken by Catwalkqueen TV from his AW08/09 collection which I feel is just as relevant now in twenty eleven. The textural juxtapositions are what I'm digging right now, I've talked about this in my ramblings about the September 2010 fashion weeks but upon looking for images for this post this collection optimises that texture clash that I was talking about leather against tweed and such like. And frankly any designer who can design a top in bright yellow leather that echoes my love for Emmental is a winner right from the word go.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011


That day it rained all day (which day I hear you cry - this is London) - Tuesday I think I did my rounds at the Salvation Army (the joy of this place is never a disappointment) and found a little Polaroid camera for 99p. I like shopping in the rain - as no one is really around and I can just do my thing.

Polaroid now fired up and film in place I am really admiring the work of artist Violet Julia (her name alone brings me infinite joy) - who is a master of taking amazing Polaroid photos.

Her compositions are discreet and minimalistic - a perfect match for the sandy, muted colours of a Polaroid photo.

There’s something about Polaroids that makes me smile, they're less contrived than commercial photography and offer instant gratification for those of us that enjoy the beauty of processed film.

They offer comfort in the sometimes prickly world of digital photography.



Our first WAH! of the year is a roaring beauty.


SO ...

Follow your heart for your brain can be trained.



I meant to post this last week (so apologies) but the new window displays in Selfridges as ever are a visual treat. The 'Landan' blogsphere is erupting with reports of the displays and I will leave you in the capable hands of Better Never than Late and Fred Butler to give you a more detailed report.

What I will do is bring you a little spotlight of daughter of UK designer John Rocha and currently Fashion East extraordinaire Simone Rocha.

The sport luxe, matrix feel is exactly how I'm feeling. That futuristic charm that is ultra modern, clean and uncomplicated is what I'm seeking and Simone is giving me this in spades - all with a touch of my beloved flouro. For my long term readers you will recall many moons ago I talked about my love of fluorescent and this spring I will be updating the look with huge white washes of clothing with splashes of highlighter shades. Basically I will morph into a Simone Rocha mega fan.

I recently had a huge wardrobe edit (brutal massacre) and feel clearer knowing all the things now hanging in my wardrobe are clothes I actually love, fit me and most importantly suit me.

I say all the more space for a Simone Rocha Perspex clutch.


Shop her spring summer collection at Selfridges.


Friday, 7 January 2011


Yuk getting older bites dust and so does inflation (in both senses of the word).

There are some grown up pleasures that make things good though. A large glass of quality red. Saving. Wait let us take a moment to appreciate the enormity of saving and that I - that's right me - have saved.

It must mean something when I start the year with something squirrelled away for a rainy day. Years of mama bestowing the words "you must save. Sophie when are you going to start saving? save, save save" must of had some effect but I go with the reason my health is in check physically, spiritually, mentally and err "everything-else-lly?" that financially must have been the last lly. She's so impressed she bought (waiting for item to come back in stock and purchase) me a brand new DSLR for Christmas. Some pleasures - specifically gifting, never grow old.

Anyhow, enough of this serious talk - let's all fly Uber Tropikal Airlines. Get your ticket at Selfridges, where after finishing blog writing and finishing off some work for ze Sketchbook book I will be heading to peruse and touch all the pretty clothes while security circle me suspiciously. Jean Charles De Castelbajac is giving me nostalgia from my youth but in a way that is really saying no to any growing pains, African style.


Thursday, 6 January 2011


A fitting time to say a bighello to our new peepers who have paid us a visit recently. HNY and copious cups of love to the peepers from ...


Thanks a big bunch for passing through and hope you'll be over for another visit before too long.



How have you done?

Me I despise shopping crowds preferring the solo comfort of online shopping or the genuine treasure hunting of charity shops which once I finish flexing these blogging fingers I am braving the murky weather for. There's something therapeutic about a charity shop - the sense of finding a gem, the ease of pace (no techno or over repetitive soundtracks just good old Heart of Magic FM) and I feel very comfortable cruising the racks with women my mothers age - make of that what you will.

Anyhow there is something online shopping has brought to my attention sometimes you checkout and receive that confirmation email (oh the joy) only to find your item/s will never reach your pretty, little hands for it is out of stock (kill joy overload). So dear online stores if it is out of stock please tell me beforehand so I do not have to deal with the double disappointment. I did however bag myself an Ashish for Topshop 'Garcon' tee.

On a brighter note have you heard of Lime Crime?

If not this is a bright note that will have you wrapped up in a whole host of technicolour pleasure.

Above is my recent purchase courtesy of Space NK our favourite apothecary (or chemist to me and you). The colour is just immense and the name even more delightful in "No She Didn't" Opulent Bubblegum Blue.

Here's a quick fire review as I see the word count ever expanding. The texture is fantastic as it doesn't feel dry or too greasy - it is creamy which all good lipsticks should be. It smells doubly as good and as for the vibrancy and hold of the colour - you'll have us all shouting "oh yes she did!" in no time at all. Ditto on the iridescent packaging complete with holographic unicorn.

10 out of 10.

While writing this post I've just seen that this has sold out online since I bought mine on Tuesday. Now don't say we didn't tell you about it.

My next Lime Crime purchase? ... Great Pink Planet.

Update - alas my camera lead has become lost somewhere over the Christmas break, perhaps even eaten, so for now the image shown is courtesy of Lime Crime.


Wednesday, 5 January 2011


My return to blogging has been very (ashamedly) slow (non-existent) during this last week or so.

So with all the strength stored and gained through too many mince pies, glasses of champagne and turkey sandwiches I bid you a very HNY or Happy New Year as it's more commonly known - I love a good underused acronym.

And there I've done it and blown the dust off the keyboard and we're back in business.

Back to uni life next week and flying out to Berlin early February so probably only right that I start to make contact with the outside world.

For now it will be baby steps to which I add hope 2010 was good to you and if not let's make 2011 magic - in a sparklers making a love heart kind of way.