Thursday, 30 September 2010


Futuristic, leathertastic, love shiny baby.

For Spring Summer 2011 Gareth transports us to a world full of intrigue.

And by intrigue we mean leather leggings fitting so tight they appear as though a pool of black liquorice has been poured onto the limbs. Ditto again with the silver form fitting jackets that echo mercury and its ability to defy laws floating and gliding through air, although looking for a place to settle. For Gareth it settles in panels sculpting the body's curves and lines.

If this is what the future looks like ... Gareth beam me up.



Tuesday, 21 September 2010


If you have read some (okay one) of my older postS you will know that Mr Kane ranks highly on my ‘ometor’ (I couldn’t bring my self to use fashionometor).

SS11 saw him or more precisely the models parade a sea of sprightly colours, seemingly awakening the twin set and variations therefore. Ladylike yes. With a kiss ass colour hit, fat yes.

Neons in varying degrees of depth woke up a crowd which I’m sure needed no awakening to the idea that clothes perhaps destined for the older lady can well be colourfully right for us all. Reminding me of the sweet joy of Bassett All Sorts – a definite British classic but with the spark in colour and depth that makes it THE original sweet.

Then come … prints and pattern baby. And piped and edged with solid neon fabric it was a match made in Christopher heaven. Obviously granny chic was something we meddled with a while back but as Kane so rightly shows us no one can take an idea and toss it in the air and give it a punch to make us all want it like he can.

Images courtesy of Vogue.


"Wow-wee Marios Schwab". LFW is here baby. The stars are out and boy are they putting on a show. Just look at the detailing in that aqua skirt. And top. Brilliance. And let’s mash the damn ting up with some gorgeous leather counterparts. Hello my love. Sheer magnifque. Can you tell I love this a little lot?

The blue dress with the eye lace detail, the black lace overlay on that dress, the fitted maxi dress that looks like a silk body suit.

I also realise I have just written an entire paragraph with no fragment of consideration for grammar, considered English, structure or actual sentences but who gives a egg, certainly not me. And why you ask? Because this my fine friends is my idea of fashion heaven. Colour, leather, print and fine lacey lace details. DING! DONG! I have literally jizzed in me lady pants.

I think me gonna have to lie down for a bit.

I’m going to stop now because the clothes induce such excitement in me that I will just continue to write a long old post that doesn’t make much sense - and you will begin to question whether I actually passed my GCSEs.

Images courtesy of Vogue. Fall in love with me and make sure you click the hell outta that close up tool.


Marios Schwab SS11


Monday, 20 September 2010


These past two weeks while working off Clerkenwell Road I have had to pass the Head Office for the late McQueen on my way into BDP and each day I dream of one day walking into that very building for work. Alas, one can but only dream.

It feels strange to know that once upon a time he himself would have walked this route into his HQ and as I was intending to go to his memorial that took place today and pay some respect to a man who really was a genius, I feel a posting would only seem appropriate.

Both in his ability to create magic but also in the journey who took us on during each and every presentation and catwalk show - it is truly an understatement to say he was a genius. The vision, ingenuity and showmanship is something that woke fashion up, spun it around and gave us a bountiful and generous dallop of English cheek that to compare the hit to opium would be some what of another understatement.

Befitting, though that I in not being able to attend the crowd that will/has turned out, I am able to see how his kingdom is continuing to beaver away to carry on the legacy on my way into work.
And more befitting was the turnout of not just the industries key players but true friends to the late great. It goes without saying that it will be a while before someone causes the sort of storm that McQueen brought to fashion but hopefully this LFW we can remember that London is truly where the geniuses are hidden.



I’ve recently been alarmed by the state of the dating world and the seemingly blurred lines that us ladies put out there. Now posting on love and relationship is something I have without a doubt had no interest in delving into, mainly because my love life extends as far as my daily date with a Kinder Buenos but I digress.

I do however, following the endless conversations (hitting of head against brick wall) find myself questioning the sanity of women today. Now love, dating and relationships are not easy work, so why then do we choose to make it harder for ourselves? Is it ‘cos we like the challenge? I think not. I think the problem lies in our list of wants, we know what we want for ourselves but we sometimes ‘forget’ (get too scared) to make that known.

In life sometimes and I mean SOMETIMES we have to settle for LESS. Here are some examples (okay one) of when settling for less is acceptable.

1. Your favourite Topshop black skinny jeans are in the wash so you’re going to have to wear your Primarni pair instead.

Now there are certain points in life where it is NEVER acceptable to settle for less. Can you guess I’m talking about love, dating and relationships here? I’ve narrowed the list down to help illustrate my point

1. If the person you’re ‘with’ does not want to be in a relationship with you, even though you express your desire for this to be so. It is doubly unacceptable if he then continues to ‘see’ you for some x rated action and then when you ask where this is going, say you want an actual relationship he claims that he has too many family issues, has lost his job, has just got out of a really messy relationship/jail and any other variation thereof to commit to a relationship with you. Funny how those family issues don’t seem to affect his ability to bone you though. Also why you dating a man straight outta jail girl?

2. You find out he is married. Secretly in the closet. Has a girlfriend. Does this need explaining? Apparently so. Ladies if he is with someone else are you really saying that you are not worthy of having someone exclusively to yourself. What if you went to Pizza Express and they told you that you had to share your dough balls with a stranger sitting on another table. Oh and by the way you’re paying. I believe something along the lines of “do one you can mate know what” (you can play a game of rearrange the letters to spice up this blog post) would no sooner leave your mouth than your hot ass would be out of that joint. Apply those same principles (even better if you use the unjumbled sentence) to said man. If I have to share you my hot ass is outta here. Capiche?

3. You don’t trust him. Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. Why do we ignore that little niggle we get that says something just isn’t right. If you can’t have this basic requirement down then really not only have you settled for less, I think it would be fair to say CONGRATULATIONS you are the proud owner of the LEAST. See that dodgy looking cash point that you never use cos you worked too darn hard for your money to see some dodgy bank scam gang get their dirty mitts on it. It’s the same with the man who you can’t trust – walk on down to Barclays, unless Barclays is the dodgy cash machine. In that case balls! To digress once more, does anyone else feel slightly better using a Barclays cash point because it has that note that says ‘if you mess with this machine it will go out of service’? Also here are some clues because I know some of you girls have a hard time defining trust and what it is. So here is what it isn’t ... he answers his phone in another room, he deletes all his messages, you never know where he is and what he is doing, you’ve never met his family, you’ve heard strange tales about what he gets up to when you’re not with him. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but these usually don’t go much further than he is a secret agent. That’s kind of basically it actually.

4. The fact he is even breathing annoys you. I mean does he have to breathe that loud and so close to you. If every little thing he does annoys you, don’t just stay with him ‘cos you’d rather be in a relationship than meeting Mr. Perfect. Read that sentence again and I think you’ll get the point. If not a few clues if I may ... Mr. Perfect.

5. He is rude, inattentive and nasty. If a waiter told you, you were fat, ugly and lazy you would no sooner ask to see the manager than you would warn all your friends, write a post on Top Table and never go back. It’s the same with that guy that is oh so good looking but a proper twerp – the foods good but I’d rather eat somewhere else thank you very much. You could of course ask to see his mother, warn all your friends and write a horrible wall post on Facebook but the key point here is you won’t go back there ‘cos you know what there are a million other restaurants you can eat at. NOTE: if the waiter is the ex you cheated on with his daddy then maybe you should take the insults on the chin yeah. Also why you eating in the restaurant where he works girl?

6. He never does anything romantic. Now romance is a tricky subject because ten dozen red roses could be romantic to one girl but to another it might be the gift of a pet rat but the underlying theme is the same. If he can’t do ANYTHING to show he is thinking about, likes you a little bit then maybe it’s to time to find that Mr. Perfect again. Now by romance this could mean something as small as getting you a Greggs gingerbread man, it is your favourite after all to sending you a funny text to taking you out sometime. Doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if he works at Greggs.

So that my friends is my attempt in helping you gorgeous ladies out a little bit. Now of course there are other things we can all add to the list but I want you to do that, what would you put on the list?

Once you’ve got the list of things you won’t settle for you’ll be one step closer to finding what’s his name again ... oh right Mr. Perfect : )

In case you’re thinking no one really cares what you think/asked for your opinion. True but I needed to vent. Sue me.


Saturday, 18 September 2010


London Fashion Week is coming to town and I have a schedule of shows to attend.
I know. I was just as shocked too.

Although my schedule so far is just two shows. That is still two more than I’ve ever been to in my whole lifes.



Images courtesy of Vogue.

So SS11 is now in full swing, of course in the fashion sense only. Unless. You are the lucky so and so’s that live in near perfect climates like Seychelles, Goa, Brazil etc. In which case summer never actually leaves. Lucky buggers.

But anyhow. This week has seen Bryant Park transform itself with the help of stylists, designers, models, a bit of magic into a fashion emporium for the next few days or so. And it has swept all thoughts of winter out of my mind (for now at last) as I revel in the glory of what fashion will be doing next SS.

My style predictions. Colour. Patterned Print. Asymmetry. High Waist Lines. And did I mention colour and patterned print? Yes? Well there it is again. Ooh and textural juxtapositions. Now, look who’s being all fancy. Basically mixing up your materials Chiquita’s. Think leather over silk with metal jewellery. Tweed thrown in with suede and a touch of plastic. Or cupcakes on a pizza washed down with pepsi cola … too far?

Now asymmetry was something I was thinking about long before NYFW kicked off and looks like me and Alexander Wang were thinking of the same thing. So think that’s one fashion point to me.

Also rating high on my showmometer is 3.1 Phillip Lim. The blue accents made me want to plant a garden full on bluebell bulbs in anticipation for SS11. In fact I think I very well might. Rodarte. Took the countryside, turned it around, shook it upside down, added some sparkle in the way of golden hues of country file (does anyone else watch that programme other than me?) and out came a collection that grabbed me by the who ha’s.

Also and this is a much needed also, goodbye mini skirt. Hahaha. And about time too. Although if you are an Essex girl I’m sure you won’t care to know that the length of our skirts is heading south. But never mind nothing a few cheeky Barcadi Breezers can’t fix and voila, bish, bash, bosh the hemline will once again rise north.

I apologise. That was totally uncalled for. Very true though. I should know … I’m from Essex : O … Ar knowwww oo woulda fought it, ay!

My favourite show of the week … Proenza Schouler … hands on down. Elegent flashes of the sheer meets the tweed. The young flirting with the old school. Just proper, tidy!

It’s all about glam. Sha bam bam baby. Did I just say that?

Sorry. So my final words from NY.

No more overt sexiness … it’s all about “I’m a lady don’t you know!” at NY.



£21 billion (to the UK economy) if you’re reading The 'Value of the UK Fashion Industry' report, commissioned by the British Fashion Council and written by Oxford Economics.

That’s a lot of Mulberry handbags.

To read the report in full, which I will be doing this Saturday morning tucked up in bed with a large plate of eggs and a big old cup of cohwfee check it out



There are some things in life that no matter how hard you try it’s just not fair.

1.Some women can eat whatever they like and not gain even a gram
2.Mary Kate and Ashley made gazillions as wee babies.
3.Men don’t have cellulite
4.Tom Ford is gay
5.Tom Ford is making as wait until February to see his debut womenswear collection.
Yes. Tom Ford is has made a collection for women. This collection has been seen by the chosen few (another ‘not fair’ to add to the list) and Tom has chosen to wait until next year for us to get our little fingers on them.

However, I must say his reasoning is so on point you can’t help but love him even more. In the words of the beau himself,

“This fashion immediacy thing — yes, if you can order the clothes immediately, if you can see them and press a button and they can be shipped to your house, I get fashion immediacy.…I don’t get the need for this immediacy. In fact, I think it’s bad.
The way the system works now, you see the clothes, within an hour or so they’re online, the world sees them. They don’t get to a store for six months. The next week, young celebrity girls are wearing them on red carpets. They’re in every magazine. The customer is bored with those clothes by the time they get to the store. They’re overexposed, you’re tired of them, they’ve lost their freshness, you see somebody wearing it…
In addition, all of the fast-fashion companies that do a great job, by the way, knock everything off. So it’s everywhere all over the streets in three months and by the time you get it to the store, what’s the point?”

Never a truer word spoken.

And it means we can save our pennies as we know it’s going to be just grand init. And then we will hopefully be able to buy whatever it is that we know we will all want come February.



“So, the perfect woman is the one who, with what God has given her, whether she’s beautiful or not beautiful, has the intelligence to make the most of her assets and go beyond them to the maximum to become an exceptional creature. More so because women have far more power than men to put themselves on show their make-up, hairstyle and clothing means they can go much further. The perfect woman isn’t necessarily the most beautiful in the world but the one who, with what she’s got – her intelligence and the strength of character manages to transcend herself and become a magical creature.”

Ali Mahdavi

Taken from interview with TANK Magazine on the topic of cabaret at Crazy Horse, Paris.



1.I can’t pronounce honest.
2.I cringe over everything.
3.I hate okra.
4.I’m teaching myself French.
5.I have an innate fear of slugs and snails (slugs being the number one killer). I even walk in the middle on the road when the sun goes down so I don’t have to encounter one.
6.When I was little I used to eat sand. Even now I have urges to cop a handful when walking past a building site.
7.My best friend was the first person I spoke to in secondary school and we’re still best friends 12 years later.
8.I have a Godson and he is the most beautiful thing ever, which is just as well as his Mom is my best friend.
9.I originate from a tiny village in Uganda called Gulu. You may have seen it on Children in Need, Comic Relief, Fall Out Boy “I’m Like a Lawyer” video. Those last bits are not jokes, as funny as they sound.
10.I have developed such a fear of dentists I have pulled a tooth out with eyebrow tweezers (I say tooth but only 75% of the bugger came out, the other 25% is still lodged back there)
11.Nothing annoys me more than ignorance and rudeness.
12.I’ve had two near death experiences.
13.I hate pairs and like things in odd numbers
14.I have a thing for moustaches
15.I have elected to become celibate until marriage
16.As a child I wanted to be the following things in no particular order, stripper, astronaut, fashion designer and fireman.
17.I cannot stand Marc Jacobs. Or his designs.
18.I would never chose a bloke over a friend
19.But I have had a friend chose a bloke over me
20.I cry at every
21.Except things that I should cry about.
22.I read the Bible every day and go to Church every Sunday. Can you tell I love God? (although there are a few times a year when I cannot)
23.I’m having to make this list up to 25 because I got the heeby jeebies about ending it at 22.
24.I can’t sleep unless the TV is on and the curtains are NOT drawn. In fact my room doesn’t even have curtains now.
25.During my life I have had/have 15 piercings (16 if you include the belly button self piercing fiasco at the age of 14) and 4 tattoos.



I’ve had a real battle this month with whether to buy UK Vogue or not. I mean Cheryl Cole.


I will indeed eventually depart with the 4 GBP it’s gonna cost me as you know you gotta be in the loop to err be in the loop but I’ll just pretend there is a real fashion figure on the front … say oh Vivienne, Piaggi, Campbell, Renn, Del Russo etc. You get the point.



My laptop has caught charger AIDs and I am unable to charge the bleeding thing and I never, ever go on the downstairs computer but alas I have been forced to come on down.

However, not all is lost, as I am posting about a var exciting little thing that took place on Wednesday.

This Wednesday gone, also known as the 8th of September saw the Vogue Fashion Night Out take place over our lovely London streets. The aim of the night is to open up the retail opportunities of London fashion to the mass thus increasing the economic weight of both the high street and the designer and in turn giving fashion a larger platform in our UK economy. Considering the dire state of affairs maybe fashion can help plug the sink that is draining us into increasingly spiralling amounts of personal and national debt. But enough of all the serious jizz … FNO saw stores laying on free drinks, DJs, goody bags, celebrity PAs and a chance for all to become engrossed in UK fashion even if only for a night. With Stella McCartney having Stella cupcakes, Daisy Lowe mingling with the crowd at Biba, House of Fraser, Giorgio Armani playing up to the cameras at his Armani store Party or sinking a free glass of bubbly at Coast it all equalled the same thing … FUN. And copious amounts of it at that. I however took a route to Biba to check out their relaunch collection for 2010 and then jetted off down to New Bond Street where I was ‘spose to pop into Mulberry but got side tracked by Claudia Schiffer strolling across the street. Err, what the egg. So following the scent I headed over to the Armani party, where I tried to waltz into the proceedings, I got as far as the lobby where I hung around for fifteen sweet minutes before my cover was blown. Not all is lost though I did manage to blag a spot in the press pit and chatted with the sweet paparazzi guys. I love the banter of working men.

Anyhoo my attempts at being a pap are shown above and judging from these the men I was with have no reason to worry about their jobs. News of the World will not be calling me anytime soon.

Now let’s play a little game of “who is this Sophie has attempted to take a picture of?” In the mix we have Daisy Lowe, Mr Armani, Natalia Vodianoka, Tallulah Adeyemi, Amber Le Bon and Amy Molyneux.

Some other things I quickly learnt,

1. I need a better camera if I am to attend more fashion events and blog them to you more professionally. My little Argos buy crumbled under the flash bulbs of it’s bigger and better cousins.
2. Everyone in fashion (or at least at the Armani party) is either skinny or fabulous (99.999% are both)
3. Natalia Vodianoka is the most gorgeous thing I have seen in my whole entire life
4. Everyone in fashion (or at least at the Armani party) can walk in sky high heels
5. If you know the right people you can waltz straight through into a fashion party with just an air kiss
5. Fashion is definitely where I belong

Those my fine friends are the main six points I learnt and from them I have given birth to six action points to make them happens

1. I am going to put all my change, notes and coins, into a huge glass bottle and once it reaches camera buying point, break the damn thing and purchase myself a bigger, badder and better SLR than the one I’m currently wielding.
2. I am officially back on my ‘no junk cos it goes to your trunk’ diet and am running every other day for a minimum of thirty minutes.
3. Well no action really needed on my part here I’m sure Natalia can handle being as beautiful as she is without my help
4. I am going to wear heels (starting off with little court heels) whenever I get a temp job so that one day I can wear heels further than my bedroom door.
5. My fat ass is going to schmooze and get on down to more fashion events, parties etc, even if it means going solo. I’ve gone to three now and each by myself and not felt awkward of nothings.
6. And by actioning all these actions and acing my BA, BTEC and then MA with flying colours.

So if you didn’t make it this year, come on down in 2011 where I’m more than certain the outing will be an even more glamorous success.

For details of the night and professional pictures check out


Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Yes I know it's like Birmingham ... again. But it's pucker tho ... honest!

So Friday saw the First Light Digital Documenters team head up and in some cases across and down to Birmingham, Aston University. That is we all come from right across the United of Kingdom, hmm. But anyhow we spent the weekend being trained by real life Film Producers and Directors and even had a session with award winning documentary maker Mandy Chang.

It as a funny, informative and interesting weekend where I realised I am not good with filming, so I stuck to taking photographs for my team and generally frolicking around making sure people were happy I think 'moral booster' was my unofficial job title on the film making days.

We happened to squeeze in some drinking and dancing hours into the mix. Including watering holes with names such as Sacks of Potatoes which for all the parcularity of the regulars sold apple vodka and lemonade for 99PENCE which in itself is reason for Sacks of Potatoes to deserve my favourite pub of the week award.

In search of a little dance we headed off into Birmingham town and after decreeing the underground raves of Rainbow Courtyard too expensive. 10GBp for crying out loud, do you know how many Kinder Bueno's I can get with that? Yes, a lot! - we headed to Broad Street. Which is like an eposide of Brits on Holiday or Essex Nights or actually just as the beautiful picture the even more beautiful Suzee, one of the Manchester crew, took exactly the sort of place we all love to hate or hate to love as the case proved to be.

We also enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner together which proved to be the biggest bonding experience of the whole weekend. Nothing like fighting your way to the dessert table to bring a group of people together. You know my cheesecake loving ways proved to be handy here. But alas, the cheesecake was make of ANGEL DELIGHT? Still ate it though.

And the rooms we had were truly bigballs. I even took a picture to prove it. Although waking up to watch Bruce Willis in dodgy 90s film did shock me but that's not the University's fault more BBC's late nate programming. But all is not lost though, during the 47 seconds I managed to watch I saw one pretty nice moustache. Check it and rate it.

So that ladies, cats, dogs and gentlemen is the third Birmingham installment in the last two months. Sweet.


Thursday, 2 September 2010


So from tomorrow I will be up in Birmingham for three days from Friday to Sunday for documentary film training with First Light. I'll try and sneak some pictures in to show you when I get back what we got up to (both working and at play). Then Monday I jet off to Glasgow for the bestest best cousins birthday then get back Tuesday night, catch up with the world for a day then off to Fashions Night Out on Wednesday. No sooner than I can get in a scrambled egg the next day I start two weeks work at BDP in their Clerkenwell Studio. Soon as we finish that four days later my BTEC Photography course kicks off at Kensington and Chelsea and then some time there after the BA in Journalism and Media sets sail.

Throw in posting out eBay items to my wonderful customers, updating ze blog, sourcing and uploading new vintage items for said eBay shop and gearing up for LFW at the end of September and I'm starting to think no sooner than I thought I had some time off I'm right back in the mix. And I LOVE it.

I'm overwhelmed by how my life has progressed in 2010 and especially so after God rescued me from the evilness that lurked in my life at the beginning of the year and even more so at that office job. It shows that if you believe you can achieve.

So in light of this here are some shiny things and some cheese roll quotes to inspire.

"Action is the foundational key to all success" - Pablo Picasso

"Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it" - Unknown

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" - Dr. Seuss

"Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too"- Will Smith

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance" - James 1:2-3

Shininess can be found on Karmaloop.


Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Is my new vintage fashion project under the alias Olive Birdcage.

"Selling sex hot vintage fashion without the super fat price tag, each item has been sourced for its unique identity and ability to turn heads and we hope something from Olive's Birdcage will soon be flying its way over to you"

That's my business vision or something there of.

Obvs I've started with humble beginnings on la eBay but to build a mansion you gotta start of with a single brick.

Check if it lives up to the vision at ...

I've already made me £27.08

Wicked that ints it.

If you like what you see make some bids and if not send me a message with what you're after pay me some quids and I'll hunt it down for you, even if it is a t-shirt made of squids or trainers with pictures of kids.



So we begin the slow decent into winter people. Or fast actually, as September is always a month full of exciting change and new beginnings. For example we have the SS11/12 collections to look forward to, fashion forecasting begins for next year, the academic year renews itself for a crop of students fresh or worn out from 'summer', etc. This Sept I have the birthdays, Glasgow, documentary film training in Birmingham, photography course kicks off, work at a design company (more of which later this month) and generally carrying on this wonderful journey that started with the firing of oneself from dreadful IT training company.

But before we get into the swing of Septembre fully, here are some chicken bites for the month.

1. The 8th sees Fashions Big Night out. Check out for more informazionz. And mayve just mayve I'll see you down there

2. Maison Martin Margiela '20’ The Exhibition leaves Somerset House on the 5th of September if you haven't paid it a visit yet make sure you give it a spin before it leaves

3. If you have to put up with the drag of school uniform, give yours the edge and save some monies in the process with 35% off school attire at American Apparel

4. Jet off and enjoy the last of the summer sunshine in Europe with Ryanairs cheap as Primark jeans prices

5. Head on down to your nearest Religion store and pick up some lusciously delishballs fashion. Just feast your eyes on two outfits from their AW10/11 collection. Yummy. Scrummy. Tummy.

6. Lastly catch Offset Festival this weekend (4-5th) for some fresh musical talent without the cockheadedness and ridiculous price tags of those mainstream festivals. Plus it;s in Eshix (Essex) init.

But MORE than anything, whatever you do make sure you have fun!*


*as long as your idea of fun doesn't harm, involve criminal activities, hate of love/others etc. THAT I woulds not likes.