Thursday, 30 June 2011


Ere pst! Have you checked out Satellite Voices.

If not what you waiting for, go click and peruse through the latest articles on fashion, arts, photography, music and culture from around the world. A collaboration between Dazed and Swatch this is making me feel real good.

Just check out Matanza below for some of the musical goodness SV has to offer.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Wow I've been away a pretty second but what a pretty second it has been.

After THE most amazing five days in Glastonbury I received the great news that I am starting as a Dazed and Confused Digital Marketing Intern tomorrow.

Mega! Seriously extra large.

Chuffed to bits.

So welcome back gang and let's get this blog back on the road.


Monday, 20 June 2011


The grand-papa of UK festivals is merely three days away now and with heavy rain clouds forecast looks like it's full on mud madness this year.

= D

This photograph by Brain Walker is THE one. Beam me up Scotty! This gang is mega.


Friday, 17 June 2011



Wah! of the day to bring some joy before the weekend.



Seriously that Phoebe Philo kills me every season.

Well tailored, paired down luxe has always been a lustful area of fashion - my main point of reference 70s YSL and co, however what Phoebe does at Celine is present this to an audience that may have not been around during those hedonistic years of dressing.

Look at the colours, textures and pointy edges of the AW11 collection, it's so sharp it it's kind of giving me a nose bleed. And I love it.


Indeed, it takes a lot of confidence to pull of basics and precision tailoring with aplomb and style. In the early millennium we were bombarded with too much 'bling' (man I hate that word but it is the only way to capture that look) and it took a wave of designers to give us some respite from what was fast becoming crass and

Still sick of it? Go on take some fashion pills courtesy of Phoebe.

Now where's that Celine Pre-SS12 collection to kill me softly.


Thursday, 16 June 2011


I'd like to say "Buon giorno!" to all my new readers who have passed by these bloggy waters recently.

So that's hey to you in Burkina Faso, Norway, Austria, Slovenia, Finland, Chile and Columbia.

Nice to see you, to see you ... NICE!

And thanks to all readers, full stop.



Now, Custard creams or bourbons? - that is the question.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011


IS the main man in shoe porn for me right now. And like any porn addict I need a quick fix every now and then.

With this thought I crept over to the quiet corner of my room where my shoe boxes are stacked up, checked no one was looking, turned off my phone, opened a lid and indulged for a few moments.

Wanna join me? ...

Now you didn't think I'd give you all the juice right away did you? Some other future timings maybe yeah? Yeah!


SO ...

"Let your past make you better not bitter."



Wednesday, 8 June 2011


So I've just had my Vogue experience at the wonderfully fashion curated Harvey Nichols and what an experience it was. Truly was a pleasure to meeting the likes of Lisa Armstrong, Franca Sozzani, Christopher Kane and Manolo Blahnik.

I'm a bit cream cheesed as you can imagine the event was rammed to the rafters and I'm now back at my desk at work plotting my next escape into fashion.


Monday, 6 June 2011


So finally here are pics of the Cambridge. Brighter than I can even begin to describe.

The perfect antidote to this grey Monday morning


Friday, 3 June 2011


Jeepers Scooby!

It's been a very short but long week here in Londinium, with the mercury rising up to twenty-three and then some the summer smells of Barbies (both ones) are filling the air to rather delightfully dangerous levels.

Locked away in Times towers there is only so much a girl can do to bring the sunshine indoors and since sending silly texts to my sister and friends is one of those forehinted things that has now ceased due to loss of phone and decision not to replace it, I've resorted to flexing some plastic.

Shopping my friends sweet interwebs shopping.

The other things like humming hymns and drowning myself in food from the canteen remain to help keep the peace while my office matey is on holiday in overly sunny Bermuda.

So in preparation for their arrivals here are some moodboards to wet your appetite while I go off and try and make contact with with my pals from Brum who are coming down for a night out London style.

Wonder how long a carrier pigeon will take?


Wednesday, 1 June 2011



What a crazy mad week I've had in which time I have managed to (in no particular order). Loose me phone. Realise Glastonbury is now three weeks away. Slung my new Cambridge satchel over every outfit since its' arrival (more of which later tonight). Blown the pennies for the Christopher Kane sample sale and taken five lively little kids to Thorpe Park for the day.

So now I return to the relative safe haven of the blog to return to some sort of normality.

And we kick start with news of an afternoon on the 8th June with Vogue Italia. That's right Franca Sozzani is going to be gracing our British shores on an afternoon of fashion advice giving and industry conversation. This is bigger than big. Want a slice of this amazing pie? Hit up host venue Harvey Nichols here. See you there.

And as if one fashion bombshell wasn't enough erm anyone going to the Christopher Kane sample sale? Yeah thought so.

Tried to upload my invite to save writing out all the deets but then realised the one I've been emailed is for the sample sale preview. So instead I leave this in the capable hands of the Style Bubble

Ah normality has been restored.