Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I had a dream not too long ago (call it a nightmare if you will) where my ma threw a python at me.

My fear of snakes meant I bolted upright at around 3am and spent the rest of the night in a cold sweat. Somewhere in there I made a little midnight bready snack involving peanut butter and jam - you know to help me fall asleep ; p

Well if I could have woken up and seen these Prada snakeskin stunners things would have gone much better.

Lush! I'm still trying to track down which of the girls in the AnOther team put these up. Very tempted to pretend to need something from under the desk of the AnOther side of the office and see if I can spy these mamajama's up close. Oh and did I tell you they've only gone and asked me to stay on here at Dazed & Confused and offered me a job!!!

Praise the Lord indeed.


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