Friday, 30 July 2010


A wee while back (see that little Scottish insert I managed to squeeze into my intro, ay, ay!) well anyways that while back I went to the Christopher Kane sample sale showroom in the beautiful district of Shoreditch on the equally beautiful Redchurch Street. Appropriate moment to reference my first linkage ... and this first is probably in fact certainly going to be a regular linkage on this blog, the even more beautiful Miss Bubble, if you haven't read her blog why the fried egg not? huh? You no want to be in the Style Bubble? non?

Check it out, guaranteed addiction yes? YES! It was blog surfing through Style Bubbe that I came to see the details about this Kanefest of hotness!

So err yes, back to Mr. Kane. I went and broke as I was wanted to buy the vast maj... okay all of what I saw. But what pulled on the fashion coated strings of my heart where the bad boys above ... 275 Queen Notes of watercolor, sheer, chiffon, biker jacket perfection. The right amount of colour to stroke the colour curiosities of even the most devoted black wearer, probably credit to its transparent loveliness and enough depth for us colour obsessives to be happily satisfied. Did someone say genius! I wish I had listened to mumma and kept some savings ... although I'm sure her idea of the type of object the savings should go on include the words, mortgage, first home blah, meh, blah! Not Christopher and Kane like I would splash the imaginary savings on.

Also above is the softest blue and black leather jacket with detachable sleeves (two jackets in one? easily wins any argument relating to why this jacket is a MUST. Taking you from edgy to appropraite eveningwear cover up in one, well actually 4, sweeps of a zip. That genuis word again?!

Also if anyone went how lovely were the show room assistants ... so pweety and helpful and smiley ... highly likely girl crushes possible with those belles.

Well so that was my day at Christopher Kane and as lovely as it was I wish I had walked away with the jackets .. I 'spose pictures will have to suffice until employment and resulting money is gained.


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