Friday, 30 July 2010


Yes all three of those things will be taking place in the form of a sample sale this weekend! Well it actually started from Thursday and is on til 1.8.10 which is Sunday by my diary so you've got some time yet my fine friends.

I'm planning to head on down - partly because I love Brick Lane and in my body's relentless mission to get fat I know it will be very satisfied with the foody treats Brick Lane has to offer, partly because I need to build a portfolio to take to my photography interview and as cliche as it is I know I can get me some fast cheap photography in this hot spot of London and mainly because I have a desire to purchase some hip-hop clothing and have nothing else to do this Saturday mid afternoon.

Entry is one GBP! Not bad, non? and features brands Mishka, 10 Deep, Anything & Gourmet, Ice Cream etc with clothes up to 50% off.

East Gallery, 241, Brick Lane, E16 5A

Give it a spin if you fancy. Never know might see you down there.


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