Friday, 30 July 2010


... Pendragon that is!

IARS the organisation that I am a Research and Policy Intern for invited me to their communication and branding meeting last week and I was rather delighted to be involved in their comms plans. But imagine the further delight to learn our session would be facilitated by Lutherpendragon. Jimminy Christmas! Lutherpendragon are communication consultants who work with names like MTV, British Video Association, John Lewis etc so you knows my excitement was fo' reals.

So on a breezy morning we marched on down to their Priory Court offices ... I like that whole corner of London tucked away on the little religiously named streets behind St. Pauls. I liked the fact they gave us free coca-cola and choccy biccies even more. Our day was hosted by the very 'good at what they do' Stephanie Blott and John Palmer and I learnt a lorra loraa shit! Useful interesting shit though as opposed to useless dull shit like bull's shit.

I learnt about an 'elevator pitch' something I realised the true business minded individual knows about after some blog surfing on Fashion Business Club and sound wording from the talented Mr Imran (check, check, check it out and went away with reams of notes and ideas. I'll be receiving my ePack from Stephanie soon as well so I'm sure I'll have a great deal more delightful things to report back from our friends at Lutherpendragon.

I shall leave you with one of the great lines from our day ...

... "if you are not inspired by what you are doing, how can you inspire others about what you are doing"

Gets inspiring people!


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