Friday, 25 February 2011


Watching the accounts that have been seeping out about the Galliano arrest I felt no need to post as many of the big websites Vogue etc were covering the story with accurate and regular updates which this humble blog can not pretend it would be able to do.

Something about not fixing what isn't broken. That was until the news emerged that Mr Galliano has now been suspended from Dior.

Fashion is constantly seeking to present a changing dialogue of creativity and innovation yet at its' core remains traditions and taboos which only serve the fashion critics enough ammunition to fire through the gaps in its' glossy exterior.

Debates rage on regarding weight, race and sexuality and now religion and semitism find themselves taking there turn in the spotlight. Ideally one would love to imagine a fashion world not plagued with judgmental and disturbing views of segregation and discrimination but such a highly talented and well known designer finding himself disgraced surely can only serve a greater cause through the public condemnation of such actions maybe one day the fashion world will begin to readdress itself from the inside out.

Tackling those toxic elements whirling unseen at its' nucleaus one by one.

Catch the Sleek details here.


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