Thursday, 10 February 2011


NY Magazine features an excellent interview with Italian Vogue Editor, Franca Sozzani, on the increasingly blurred line between creative imagery, vulgarity and fashion.

Franca articulately describes the state of certain areas of fashion and references French Vogue's shoot of six year old girls, questioning the aesthetics and decision process in the production of the images, and with reference to her feelings to towards certain aspects of the images, she uses the term "outrageous for their age".

Personally, I could not agree more with the way crude is now somehow cool. Ultimately meaning that true renegades of creativity, photography and fashion are not appreciated enough due to this saturation of plastic shock.

Of further interest to nosey old me was the reader comments, especially those referring to the rise of trash served as avant garde on the serving platters of certain pop singers (those who know me well will know who I mean).

One commenter also raised the issue of the exploitation of homosexuality to sell products and push sales in ad campaigns. An issue I regularly believe is not discussed nearly enough as is needed.

Anyhoo, read the article and take a look at the images in question courtesy of Mosaic and partake in your own debate.


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