Friday, 3 June 2011


Jeepers Scooby!

It's been a very short but long week here in Londinium, with the mercury rising up to twenty-three and then some the summer smells of Barbies (both ones) are filling the air to rather delightfully dangerous levels.

Locked away in Times towers there is only so much a girl can do to bring the sunshine indoors and since sending silly texts to my sister and friends is one of those forehinted things that has now ceased due to loss of phone and decision not to replace it, I've resorted to flexing some plastic.

Shopping my friends sweet interwebs shopping.

The other things like humming hymns and drowning myself in food from the canteen remain to help keep the peace while my office matey is on holiday in overly sunny Bermuda.

So in preparation for their arrivals here are some moodboards to wet your appetite while I go off and try and make contact with with my pals from Brum who are coming down for a night out London style.

Wonder how long a carrier pigeon will take?


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