Sunday, 1 August 2010


So with best friend and Godson in tow I paid a rather 'well' overdue visit to Roman Road and came away with bags of spoils that totalled wait for it .. 6 GBP. Like what the egg! That's cheaper than well most things really. I will be styling and posting my spoils in due course but I shall leave that for a time when my camera decides working might be an idea it would like to partake in. I'll leave you with a fashion secret ... if and when you do head to Roman Road Market (really! do it, it's what your mumma would want) ignore the French Connection stall and numerous Topshop, Urban Outfitters etc stalls and head for the old people stalls selling 1 GBP blouses and shorts and other outrageous yet delightfully wearable finds. While I'm on this secret giving roll also check out the jewellery stools which offer 'more-than-likely-make-your-skin-green' rings and bangles and what not but I found loads of pretty little 'more-than-likely-make-your-skin-green' accessories but by default the word pretty makes 'mtlmysg' (couldn't be arsed to write it all out again - copy and paste is null and void here) not count.

We also went to the sample sale in previous blog and although the music was good (hip hop if you likes to knows) there was a lack of great finds. I will however say most people on Brick Lane that afternoon did in one way or another talk, head or mutter about the sale namely mentioning BBC so 'spose publicity wise they are due some points. Also further points to the pwetty pink lollipop hoodie which if I wasn't unemployed I would have definitely separated with 75 GBP for.

If your ever on the search for some healthy, filling and very scrummy yummy Jam food check out Mama's Jerk Station if only to catch the banter between Mama and her chef man. Quality. You already knows this but the Beigal shop at the end of Brickers is also worth its due and we did indeed head in for a Beigal or two or perhaps it was a dozen?! The body did indeed succeed in its fat mission.

So that's it folks ... apart from a quick mention of our Saturday night which involved Jaguar Shoes (I've had a few mishaps in this gaff and thought by now it would have been safe to return - nopes! didn't get past the security without a 'oh it's you blah meh blah speech) - was good as always though - many a fine man candy. Catch next door was a possibility but we were a tad overdressed for this 'alternative' cough crowd so we headed to Spread Eagle - am I the only one who loves that expression? yes? oh! where the barman gave us free black Sambuca shots which we did with them - much to their delight, had a tiny boogie and skipped over to Ministry of Sound - all in all a rather yummy fried egg night.


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