Friday, 14 January 2011


Is back with a new collection for Topshop.


In a collection that puts junk food on display at a time when we are being bombarded with lose weight adverts on the telly - post all that Christmas binging is genius. Superfast Jellyfish.

I told you about my Ashish sale purchase which is increasingly becoming my number 1 go to tee.

His designs reflect popular culture in a colourful burst of well constructed designs. Taking iconic brands, slogans and images and throwing them back at you in perhaps a two fingered salute to popular culture. Who knows? All I do know is Topshop and Ashish have again proved to me that popular collaborations are just my thing.

Referring to the image above taken by Catwalkqueen TV from his AW08/09 collection which I feel is just as relevant now in twenty eleven. The textural juxtapositions are what I'm digging right now, I've talked about this in my ramblings about the September 2010 fashion weeks but upon looking for images for this post this collection optimises that texture clash that I was talking about leather against tweed and such like. And frankly any designer who can design a top in bright yellow leather that echoes my love for Emmental is a winner right from the word go.



  1. Thank you Ashley and merci for checking out my little blog : ) kiss