Thursday, 6 January 2011


How have you done?

Me I despise shopping crowds preferring the solo comfort of online shopping or the genuine treasure hunting of charity shops which once I finish flexing these blogging fingers I am braving the murky weather for. There's something therapeutic about a charity shop - the sense of finding a gem, the ease of pace (no techno or over repetitive soundtracks just good old Heart of Magic FM) and I feel very comfortable cruising the racks with women my mothers age - make of that what you will.

Anyhow there is something online shopping has brought to my attention sometimes you checkout and receive that confirmation email (oh the joy) only to find your item/s will never reach your pretty, little hands for it is out of stock (kill joy overload). So dear online stores if it is out of stock please tell me beforehand so I do not have to deal with the double disappointment. I did however bag myself an Ashish for Topshop 'Garcon' tee.

On a brighter note have you heard of Lime Crime?

If not this is a bright note that will have you wrapped up in a whole host of technicolour pleasure.

Above is my recent purchase courtesy of Space NK our favourite apothecary (or chemist to me and you). The colour is just immense and the name even more delightful in "No She Didn't" Opulent Bubblegum Blue.

Here's a quick fire review as I see the word count ever expanding. The texture is fantastic as it doesn't feel dry or too greasy - it is creamy which all good lipsticks should be. It smells doubly as good and as for the vibrancy and hold of the colour - you'll have us all shouting "oh yes she did!" in no time at all. Ditto on the iridescent packaging complete with holographic unicorn.

10 out of 10.

While writing this post I've just seen that this has sold out online since I bought mine on Tuesday. Now don't say we didn't tell you about it.

My next Lime Crime purchase? ... Great Pink Planet.

Update - alas my camera lead has become lost somewhere over the Christmas break, perhaps even eaten, so for now the image shown is courtesy of Lime Crime.


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