Tuesday, 11 January 2011


That day it rained all day (which day I hear you cry - this is London) - Tuesday I think I did my rounds at the Salvation Army (the joy of this place is never a disappointment) and found a little Polaroid camera for 99p. I like shopping in the rain - as no one is really around and I can just do my thing.

Polaroid now fired up and film in place I am really admiring the work of artist Violet Julia (her name alone brings me infinite joy) - who is a master of taking amazing Polaroid photos.

Her compositions are discreet and minimalistic - a perfect match for the sandy, muted colours of a Polaroid photo.

There’s something about Polaroids that makes me smile, they're less contrived than commercial photography and offer instant gratification for those of us that enjoy the beauty of processed film.

They offer comfort in the sometimes prickly world of digital photography.


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