Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I meant to post this last week (so apologies) but the new window displays in Selfridges as ever are a visual treat. The 'Landan' blogsphere is erupting with reports of the displays and I will leave you in the capable hands of Better Never than Late and Fred Butler to give you a more detailed report.

What I will do is bring you a little spotlight of daughter of UK designer John Rocha and currently Fashion East extraordinaire Simone Rocha.

The sport luxe, matrix feel is exactly how I'm feeling. That futuristic charm that is ultra modern, clean and uncomplicated is what I'm seeking and Simone is giving me this in spades - all with a touch of my beloved flouro. For my long term readers you will recall many moons ago I talked about my love of fluorescent and this spring I will be updating the look with huge white washes of clothing with splashes of highlighter shades. Basically I will morph into a Simone Rocha mega fan.

I recently had a huge wardrobe edit (brutal massacre) and feel clearer knowing all the things now hanging in my wardrobe are clothes I actually love, fit me and most importantly suit me.

I say all the more space for a Simone Rocha Perspex clutch.


Shop her spring summer collection at Selfridges.


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