Tuesday, 25 January 2011


So Fashion Weeks are making their entries to our cities and the circus of A/W is coming to a town (or at least a computer screen) near you soon.

First off the roster for me are the couture shows of Paris. THE very reason indeed I fell for fashion as a misguided youth. The theatrics, the drama, the beauty, the ugly, the soft and the elegance trapped me in a bubble of fantasy that try as other FWs do can never quite capture that spark and silence the shows instill in me.

The story is eloquently told through the fold of the fabric and the magic realised in intricate designs and brought to life by the talented seamstresses who lovingly sew every last stitch by hand. Oh but to experience couture. The dreams and as it were nightmares of design geniuses who without the constraints of the brand can show us what true expressionism is.

Maybe too much but like one Essex girl said to the other ... it's never too much!

So let's kick off proceedings with the Chanel Couture show courtesy of Mr Lagerfield. I'm telling you watching a Chanel show live to me would be like my brother scoring the winning goal in a World Cup final ... immense!

Anyhow personal fantasies aside - Karl has delivered a sumptuous collection of garments which sit as if floating away from the body. A whimsical escape from the form fitting clothes the last decade revelled in (apart from the tunic revival of 2008 - which I loved, if not just for wibbly tummy hiding abilities).

The silhouette like a real shadow acts to frame the delicate makeup chosen to compliment the collection - ditto the wispy updo's.

Lagerfield however, the true maestro of taking the classic to the arms of the modern does not forget the power of the skinny with form fitting trousers to match the more pastel box pieces. And as though a shadow reflecting into a lake of mercury the silver trousers are just the edge to wake up the classic Chanel tweed.

Then comes the crescendo of gowns - equally as whimsical but structured in a way that anchors the whole collection down with it's use of heavier more cumbersome materials, appearing as a metaphor to stop the light airy feel of the collection from flying away. An idea seen further in the collection from the use of chainmail inspired weaving and material.

It's gentle yet sharp and again it reminds me just how good things can be.

I'm a strong believer in there is no such thing as a coincidence and with the Dazed and Confused piece on Chanel in the February edition (read during my lunch) - I hasten to add this show was meant for me to see.

Now your turn.

Check it out courtesy of Vogue.


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