Wednesday, 13 April 2011



This weekend gone I took an amazing trip to Manchester as I hinted in my Anish Kapoor post and what a time I had.

I went primarily to see my good friend Susie who is the loveliest vessel of joy ever – I felt so comfortable being with her and what a time we had – it was like the gorgeous weather was just for us gorgeous two. She's studying BA Performance Arts and Media and is talented to boot ... in fact here is her future predicted via the medium of her gorgeous toothbrush holder that I sneakily took a picture of.

Here’s a few snaps of ‘Rape Forest’ on the way to Susie’s pad that took my breathe away before hearing the story of creepy goings in in its’ vicinity when the sun goes down – remember that song by the Artic Monkeys “When the Sun Goes Down” definitely the sort of park that Roxanne would fall victim to. Anyhow talk of the Artic Monkeys brings me beautifully into another one of mine and Susie’s excited rambles – Benicassim.

With almost exactly three months to go I can’t wait for me and the cousin to hook up with Susie and her crew and spend seven sunshine filled days causing festival havoc.

But for now the exhibition itself is such a mind blowing experience that anyone who is in and is going to Manchester needs to see it as a matter of urgency. The work poses so many questions that you eye forces your brain to think about, defying the physical restraints of conventional art mediums his work is a chance to question our relationship with ourselves and how we perceive the world around us – or at least that’s what I got out of it. Simply put it is super XXL rad.

After coming back from seeing her I feel so revived and ready to roll and it has made me assess a lot of the people in my life and realise that the addition of Susie into my inner circle marks just the third non family member that I consider my world. Although with one being my best friend really that’s two, so other than Suz that's just one other person - quality. Whoops did I ramble a bit too fast there so it's 2+1=3-1=2-Susie=1

And that amazing other is a beautiful lady who I met while volunteering on the Digital Documenters project by First Light – so there you are my dears because you never just know when God will throw you a true friend to catch and hold on to – so that’s exactly what I’m going to dedicate my vibes to holding my true friends (all four of them) very, very close to me.

So in the spirit of this post make sure you hold onto your own as sometimes you never realise their true worth until you have to put up with the crap of/get rid of some half-hearted friends.

♥ ♥ Love you KH, BA-M, SA & PT ♥ ♥


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