Friday, 1 April 2011


Now I’ve never knowingly participated in this custom that greets the first day of April, however if it’s fashion related I’m all in. So cue American Apparel with a sale too good to be true, except that it isn’t. Is that the fool part? Anyway, buying seven items for £6 is nothing near a joke and was my pleasant surprise and reality this morning courtesy of an email in my inbox from AA.


And an excellent way to kick start April, spring and summer.

Also inspiring me at the moment is the joy of Easter and with it I tip fully into a new year full of new promises that are yet to reveal themselves, opportunities to grab, memories to make with friends (new and old) and mistakes to learn from. Add to this that my birthday falls at the beginning of the month of May and I’m drawing lots of joy from impending celebrations of being blessed with another year of life. I will be heading to my favourite East London eatery with a small and intimate group of my nearest and dearest friends to toast and eat to the occasion and that in itself is inspiring me greatly.

As a guilty pleasure I have fallen for Tumblr blogs by young spritely things who are no doubt much younger than me but the dedication to their collation of images is commendable and I would be lying if their postings haven’t got me daydreaming of leather, airy tees and summer.

Add to that the warm days and bright skies, blossoms, daffodils and bluebells and its up, up and away.

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