Monday, 4 April 2011


After the joy of customising the cheap and bland black skinny jeans my mind has gone buck wild with the endless possibilities of creating hard edged Burberry inspired pieces and so I have filled one virtual eBay basket with rivets, pliers, tailors chalk and studs to help me along. Besides unless I come across a fair few bob, possessing the real thing poses some sort of strategic dilemma of the bankruptcy variety.

Burberry do really know how to create the winter coat that has us lusting over it a whole season before we've even stopped complaining about how miserable winter is and how much we are glad summer is here. Thanks to Christopher Bailey and his team of talent, Burberry manages to capture the rock, classic vibe of London like no other brand bar perhaps Balmain and it's version of Parisian rock, classic vibe.

As I wait their delivery here’s a snap or two of the project from this week set off by gold nails that I donned for the weekend. Although at my desk at work they look rather out of place, not helped by the fact I attempted to pick them off last night with 90% success as a one left index finger refused my many attempts to extract any gold from its death grip and so I am sat here writing this post with one long gold nail looking like some kind of evil warlock.



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