Friday, 1 April 2011


I have had my eye, just the one mind, on the YSL arty ring. I was meant to purchase it way back last year but kept putting its arrival on my finger further and further forward. Then it became popular, no like really popular and I had a twang of ‘maybe not’ but a pretty thing will always be a pretty thing and I will always want a pretty thing no matter how popular so I have decided give me this pretty thing.

Inspired by the impending arrival of the new season of Dr Who on BBC 1 the swirls of the stone and the contours of the gold remind me of a faraway planet that I can only imagine the good doctor could end up arriving upon, Tardis in tow ready to save the day in all his glorious splendour.

So to honour the return of the Dr, I will mark this occasion with the only way I see fit, a YSL ring and Sky+.


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