Monday, 4 April 2011


Presents wrapped with that extra touch of care always bring an unrivalled feeling of joy such as this Mothering Sunday gift presented to the ma yesterday. Although I sheepishly admit it is not of my own doing, the lovely ladies at a good old fashion department store take the praise here - the desired effect was still produced, lots and lots of smiles.

In spite of my attempts to lay low I gathered that the emergence of myself would also lead to a plethora of late nights as was the case this Saturday, one catch up with my favourite cousin and a dangerously good looking moustached chap later and it’s 5am in Hackney Road. Generally this can be classed as somewhat of a rather successful jaunt that saw me spy more Christopher Kane galaxy tees than one could ever imagine to see though being at a warehouse party hosted by Jaguar Shoes with cracking bands and video art installations tends to lend itself quite nicely to these sorts of wears.

Note my own galaxy tee is yet to be worn, as it awaits my birthday dinner (exactly four weeks away now) and the removal of it's tags waits that May day.

Keeping it company is my Ashish fast food tee which was a pleasing purchase from the recent Topshop flash sale.

With Mothering Sunday and Glastonbury draining any resources of the monetary variety from me this week I resolved to visit the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A in the next fortnight – as a result I spent Saturday (which was due to be V&A day) with arts and crafts activities of the fashion sort.

Armed with a very cheap pair of jeans, a bread knife, Google and a grater and I had the tools ready to create some ripped skinny jeans.

One black and white film and a riffle through my ma’s coat cupboard later and capiche I had pieced together a rather pleasing outfit.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends too and spent some thought on the mother in or out of your life.


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