Friday, 1 April 2011


Firstly sorry dear interweb peoples - my absence causes me much shame. However, realising an error is one thing, fixing it is the other and finally learning from it is the whole darn thing (or something like that).

Not to bore you with the drib and drab but finishing off this year of university and work have left me with very little time to do much else but sleep. Although I have managed to fit in a fair few runs and Pilates sessions, something about the arrival of fairer weather signals an alarm bell in my internal psyche that it’s time to shed those winter pounds – and without all the trumpet blowing that usually accompanies me when I don’t actually follow through, I’m pleased to say since December I have firmly stuck by my new developing guns (of the muscular variety).

Indeed, while the more professional, knowledgeable and experienced bloggers have turned blogging into an art form I am still to tune the art of REGULAR blogging.
I also must share the news that I am now writing for Teenbook magazine as the name suggests it is closely tied to its sister publication Sketchbook and is due to hot shelves early summer.

In other news I have been doing a tiny but of shopping which has given me an immense amount of joy as shopping does. I do however, still maintain my fear of shopping crowds and have been ordering from the comfort of my … sisters … laptop. Besides it all takes so much less time and therefore reduces resulting palaver buying over the interwebs.

Joining my rickety 70s style cupboard which I’m sure my mum actually handed me down from the 70s is a Christopher Kane Galaxy Tee, Ashish Happy Meal Tee, Holly Fulton for ASOS shirt, and Alexander McQueen yellow and cream silk scarf.

So as a welcome post back into blogging this is it.

Besides now I have deleted my personal Facebook account that will give me, oh, a good few more minutes to blog.


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