Thursday, 28 October 2010


Is a great time. It's one minute before 7. And in the numerical sense it's one up from 658. It is also the door number of the creepy old lady who collects cats from down the way.

But none of that is relevant to this 6FITYNINE.

MOST partays are much better when they are unofficial. Not ALL but MOST. Fact numero deux NikeID is the cream soda of the trainer customisation world. I believe it is what they call the daddy. Now throw them together over Halloween weekend and ...

Word from the people that brought you the unofficial NikeID partays ... SHABBA! Okay not so much but if you want THE halloween get down for 2010, you knows you gotta' be at their Halloween Carnival. Plus InFormed London are hosting one room you know you'll want to be in.

See you there.


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