Thursday, 21 October 2010


So again something I bet the whole 'cool' wide world knows about and I had no idea about. Well I did but I didn't know the proper namings. I got some hard core (no seriously it has USSR stamped on the side and is probably made of lead) Russian camera (hand me down from me fathers) lurking in me bedrooms that once I get a battery for will seriously get shit fucked around town.

But yes. Lomography. Simple. Retro. Fast. Photography.

So how nicey, nice, nice are the images. The whole point is you just shoot and see what comes out. None of that whole ooh take another picture, no delete that one messing about that Facebook and digital cameras have made us used to. It's photography from when we were kids. And seriously how exciting is having to wait for them to be developed before you can see what you've captured.

Ooh, my fat little legs gonna' run so fast to grab one it's unreal.

Click. Click.


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