Monday, 25 October 2010


Need I say more, I will though (it's me) ... worn with bright socks (neon if you please), tights, over the knee socks, just bare skin ... it's all adding up in my head as a major yes. I've actually tried these bitches on in Selfridges shoe galleries and woi.

Legs slimmed in an instant people ... in an instant - and trust me I have a lot of leg. A LOT. I'm no Topshop PR Officer but I think that these shoes are close to footwear miracles. So if anyone wants to throw £120 my way ... I'd be very grateful, in particular my thighs.

*NB - so if anyone is in from Topshop PR Office .... "Hey and err how you doing?" - wiggles eyebrows in slightly suggestive, highly haunting manner.


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