Tuesday, 26 October 2010


And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ...

You know every day we are hit hard with brands that claim to make affordable and 'fashionable' clothes. This means the highstreet is full to the rafters of brands and stores even more full of cheap jeans,tops, shoes, bags, bananas etc. This could equate to great consumer choice but for me it means I get too confused, have a little panic and drop my shopping basket and run to the quiet safety of my favourite charity shop to shop in relative peace (if you don't count the pre op trans lady who follows me around Salvation Army or the time I had an argument with the little old women in St. Francis Hospice for having a gollywog in the window or the time I rack stalked a middle-aged woman for a vintage Burberry shirt she got to before me).

So when a brand manages to deliver well crafted, affordable and stylish clothes that I can brave the crowds of Oxford Street for you know it's gotta be good right? Wrong! Wrong I hear you cry, yes wrong. But wait people ... Cheap Monday isn't just good it's motherfunking awesome. It's rocking and comes with a big dose of attitude that I think only the Swedes can give us. I mean hello Acne.

I salute you Mr Monday. Keep doing your thing and I'll keep wearing a skull above my ass.

Please note my first pair (2005) of Cheap Monday skinny jeans were literally worn to death. I think somewhere along the line my mum got hold of them and decided enough was enough and threw them out. I'm still not quite over it but I'm sure in some weird way it's proof enough of the shit hotness of the label. I'm also secretly convinced that an emo from 'The Great Emo Movement of 2006' stole them whilst they hung proudly on my washing line, but like the mum theory I don't really have any proof. Fuckers.

Anyhoo get your ..

Cheap Monday at Urban.


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