Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Well probably not quite but those of us daily Topshop.com surfers will have seen the banner stating the imminent 'Final Mainline Collection'.

NOW I think we shouldn't get too ahead of ourselves, as Kate's Topshop partnership will have surely been a lucrative (for both sides) partnership and an unmistakably great opportunity for Kate to enter the field of 'Celebrity Designer'. This is celebrity endorsment at it's finest. And you know why - because it's Kate. In the sense that it's credible, desirable and accessible to all - so I doubt this is really the end of the Topshop/Kate Moss empire. It is however the end of the 'Mainline' and to say goodbye to that Topshop are saying au reviour their way. AKA. The best way.

On the 1st of November "Kate will be hosting a shopping extravaganza featuring special guest DJs and a cocktail bar ..." READ MORE

Err ... YES! And as if that wasn't enough Topshop.com are showing us KM's looks from this final collection over the next seven days. Click here for SEVEN DAYS OF KATE

And no not yet done, there's more ... come on this is Topshop bitches, you knows how they do. No? Kick ass people, they do kick ass! In conjuction with Vogue's Night In,Topshop and our Kate are holding an exclusive event for customers.

So in a nutshell it may be goodbye to the great collections we've seen so far but it's gonna be the best goodbye you ever did see.

Which makes me think what IS the best goodbye I ever did see? Hmm. There is when Whitney says 'see ya' to J in The City. Or when the item you buy is scanned as cheaper than the price tag, same with when the cashier gives you too much change - and you gotta hot step outta that shop. Or when you leave that hot lovers house the morning after and he gives you that kiss and looks into your eyes and ...(no me neither)


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