Friday, 22 October 2010


Trust me I can vouch for this.

Customisation of the ordinary is something I truly admire and actively enjoy. Especially with all this being unemployed shit, buying designer (and to be honest even high street) is impossible to put it bang right truthfully.

So imagine the joy of being shown a blog about a lady who a) loves stripper shoes b) customises said stripper shoes with spikes and c) shows us how and the finished result.

YES! my reaction exactly.

From that very first click on her blog I was hooked, like a stripper on coke.

Now you can buy the harnesses and forgo all the making part (but that's half the fun right?) and customise your shoes, outfits (body? damn right) with these sex hot strap ons (pun very much intended there). Cos' bleeding hands aren't that pretty. If I had the funds I would be filling my online trolley with several of the harnesses that's for sure. The opening of a website for her label (In)Decourous Taste has left me with a very lovely taste in me mouth.

Lauren, I think I love you.



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