Saturday, 4 December 2010


As I have subtly dropped hints about for the last week or two a special event presented by Sketchbook magazine and hosted by the Design Museum hit the shores of the Thames, overlooking Tower Bridge, this Friday night.

And reporting the night after the night before is yours truly. The event itself was just the perfect mix of insider knowledge, joyous workshops and social gathering. Alongside inventive Sketchbook staff were the designers themselves and tucked into this mix where the illustration gurus, add a delightful handful of art and fashion students and enthusiasts and sandwich between the ever helpful Design museum staff and you have a night to remember.

The night featured what I describe as magazine brought to life with live interviews with Richard Nicoll, Fred Butler, Bora Asku and Amy Moleyaux. Simply smashing.

And with a twist that brought back my college days there were live workshops to help us all relearn the fundamentals of fashion sketching and collage with Gabriela Mot, an illustration workshop with Tomomi McMaster, fast paced drawing and a celebration of the energy of live fashion illustration with Stephen Stone and a live performance by installation/performance artist Jan Goodkin.

I got to meet part of the Sketchbook team and had our Gemma on hand to give me the inside guide to who's who - seriously I can't wait to get to work as a Sketchbooker.

In other parts of the night I took the chance to peruse through the Drawing Fashion (hosted by Grazia magazine) exhibition on the 1st floor and took great interest in the way fashion illustration has developed over the decades. A magical journey through its history and definitely a must see for any illustration or fashion enthusiast.

I will post my reports from each of the designers who spoke on the night during the week as I don't want to bombard you with all the delights in one go. But for now here are some pictures from various points during the night (excluding the interviews) to tickle your fancy if you will.


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