Monday, 13 December 2010


Jeesh it's been a pretty long minute since I last blogged - I feel so bad. But not so bad as I have a new pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods to ease the guilt. So Susie as usual gave us all the heads up on a bevvy of sample sales and although I didn't make it to Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane - I got paid just in time to make the owning of this pair of Kirkwood's a reality and for that I am a very delighted woman.

I've even managed to overlook the fact that the weather is so cold I turn up with severe frost bite of the big toe every time I so much as head past the front door. I've even overlooked the fact that I have gained another heap of unwanted pounds. Bloody cosy hot meals. All this seems small fish compared to my new stunners.

You like them?

I've taken to looking at them every few hours and tucking them to bed alongside my pile of Bazaar's, Vogues, iDs, etc.

So as I begin to make up for lost blogging time take a chance to look around and see what sample sales might be out there (psst a little birdie tells me Saloni might be one to watch out for) ... see you there!


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  1. Oh and sorry about nasty picture quality only had my Crackberry to hand as usual half decent camera couldn't fit into tiny clutch bag I insist on carrying these days!