Tuesday, 14 December 2010


The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced the winners of NEWGEN Topshop sponsorship for the AW11 collections set to take place 18th-23rd Feb 2011.

And with that we kick off the countdown to LFW. Already? I hear you cry. But wait have you checked out the list of winners. Ah, now you understand the excitement.

I mean ... we have Fashion East hitting hard again with our faves Miss Gray and Co. Remember how much I loved her? Then we got some Chau to get stuck into, whose shoes are right top of my 'must get into my posession list' for 2011. That blade heel is a now and future classic. Got some stupidly ridicoulous skinny Fendi jeans I picked up from the charity shop for £2.99 that would love to meet them bad boys (YES the charity shops I frequent are that good).

Also on my list of shows I'm gearing to check out is Yang Du who may I add is a Sketchbook fave (look at the exclusive pictures they gave us from her '09 collection)... now that is proof enough that you guys are gonna' have to keep up with them over at their HQ.

Much excite in this corner of the world.

Gets to clicking around some of them links and get your pre (mature) fashion week game on.


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