Thursday, 16 December 2010


For every person in any field of passion there is a definitive moment that cements your love and defines that through whatever means necessary this is where your passions lie and where you will aim to enter, with all your hearts strength, to be.

This moment eclipses all other feelings that cease to matter, so that in a blink of an eye your view point changes and every sense in you feels as though you have found what it is you are meant for.

We can all find an example of that poignant moment in our lives where you understand what your talents are and more importantly where you can use those talents.

It realises a genius that you can understand, one that is relevant to the person you are or aspire to be and creates a cultural icon for others like you.

Be it Elvis. Martin Luther King. Jesus. Their followers who were alive during there lives will all have a personal and shared moment in which they understood exactly what was happening. A cultural hiatus in which all else stops, the heart beats just that little bit faster and something stirs deep within you.

Here is mine, experienced at age 11 ...


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