Monday, 13 December 2010


Vogue UK dot com has undergone a minor but noticeable change in it's appearance. At first I aligned the change with a one day push on the Bottega Veneta clutch bag sometime late last week but today I have noticed it is Dior that the twinning of colours, texture and background is related to. It's all very bloggy to me in the sense of that 'scroll down but background stays stationary thing' that blogs are very good at doing.

Anyway this leads me nicely into the subject of clutches. Ooh, I love a good clutch, from childhood my love was cemented by the carrying of my mothers cream leather and gold gilded clutch that signified an elegance, class and style that no other bag (nor my young years) could muster up. This love has returned more recently to me as a way to get over the giant bag syndrome that has haunted me the last few years. Give me a space and I'll fill it - often with useless and trivial items (endless satchets of ketchup lifted from Wetherspoons anyone?). With the clutch I am forced to edit and select my junk to a few key pieces.

In a direct weird moment of coincidence Susie recently posted about her return to the iddy biddy bag and cue another moment of feeling like I've walked into a secret party. Frankly, if it's good enough for Style Bubble it's got to me good enough for me. And with all this talk of this I'm gonna' be naughty and let you know that one of the projects I'm working on soon involves Susie herself - my dear how far we have come since being fired ay!

But I digress.

If you wanna get all 'fashiony' I guess this all ties in with the return of sophistication, glamour and minimalism that is awash with design houses and SS11 collections. But that all sounds all too 'fashiony' for someone who has a deep obsession with Fried Eggs and Britney Spears so I turn to my point earlier the smaller the bag the less junk in my trunk.

So far I have ...

crackberry, YSL Touche Eclat (which I didn't realise did it's magic on dark skin tones too - very pleasantly surprised), Oyster, uni and debit card, keys, baby Soap & Glory hand food and tiny Book of the New Testament & Psalms.


That aside there is a definitive list of clutches I'm swooning over right now. I guess as with 'It bags' there are a bevvy of 'It clutches' to which we have the Alexander McQueen, Lulu Guiness, Proenza and Bottega Veneta leading in the league of clutches.

But until I obtain employment enabling bank account to swell past £ ... (well £0 would be a good starting point) I will have to suffice with Primark studded envelope clutch and a perspex box clutch I've spotted in the ASOS sale.


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