Friday, 3 December 2010


It's been a hot second since my last post mentioning Sketchbook and their talented team well guess who's hopping aboard their team.

Yes me. Jaw hits floor. Okay have we composed ourselves ... now let's let out a whoop. I'll be writing for their first book and I'm so smiley faced to have the chance to work with the lovely Gem. How simply extra super that I bring you THAT interview (which thus far is our most popular post my miles) and then not long after I step into working on this far out project.

And to tantalise you I've seen the plans and samples for the book and by Jove it's nothing less than the hottest port of all things fabulous. You guys are gonna' go mental when it drops. Eek! So excited.

Until the next time people and hopefully it'll be sooner than you think - in fact in 3 hours time at the Design Museum for a Night with Sketchbook.

I got some other bits and bobs to tell you all about but my mum is dragging me to Lidl to buy peanut butter ...

See ya.


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