Monday, 20 December 2010


Undoubtedly as we grow older Christmas can be one of the few times we allow ourselves a treat. I however, am of the thought that whenever you feel you deserve to treat yourself and can afford to you should – after all who else will.

Now that being said sales are both the perfect excuse and guilt easer that makes treating ourselves that much more easier. It cannot be missed that suddenly discovering that very thing you have been hungering for has been dramatically slashed in price sets off some sort of internal system which rings right through to actual purchase – this of course opposed to adding it to your online wish list where it sits unpurchased and all alone (that is unless your wish list is like mine in that it is very, very long – in which case the items on it are anything but lonely).

Take the Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale for instance. It was coming up to Christmas/end of year, just been paid, price dramatically slashed – the perfect treat me equation.

So as we draw the end of year and look back on where we have come since the beginning of the year ... go on treat yourself.

No matter the year you have had there is something you have done which you should be proud of sweetie and if you can’t think of it (trust me it’s there) use the fact that VAT is due to rise as the perfect excuse, sorry justification.

Holly Fulton for ASOS will be mine, especially as the weather continues to arrive in white flakes of frozen water. This dress can be nothing but the perfect winter accompaniment to cosy nights spent with the family, consuming too much grub and indulging in the return Dr (Who?) and then meeting the best friend to take the merry spirit to a festive party or two. Plus cue summer day lounging fantasies that are ripping through me right now this dress in its’ palette of powder blue makes those fantasies seem just that little bit closer. Also it is very a la the Marios Schwab SS11 collection that caused me so much joy during LFW and which I will be saving very hard for, so it too can bound off my wish list.

Holly is the nuts! I've already raved about my love of her in previous posts and being a Fashion East chic you know it's all on point. I'll do a more in depth Holly post when the delivery man arrives with ASOS box and maybe just maybe I'll do those outfit posts that other bloggers are so good at - although my unproportionate body shape and inability to take a decent picture will probably stop that plan.

Talking of which designer collabos are really taking steam. They’re honest, affordable and just as true to the designer as any of their designs. Notable in this cause are ASOS, Topshop and H&M who champion the art form of designer collabos but we must not forget not long ago it was H&M that had Madonna ‘designs’ in store (from Madge to Alber - wow ) so it seems an evolution has definitely occurred.

Either way I’m gonna stop rambling now and take the Holly Fulton from wish list to purchase.



  1. Haha that is so true about Madge and her collection. I like your blog too :)

  2. hi - i like your pick of holly, i didn't know her too well but i think i might join and get her asos leggings

  3. Thank you both kindly. kiss.

  4. I'll no doubt be a regular now