Friday, 26 November 2010


The retail experience that is Liberty is feeding our insatiable appetite for hot footwear with a whole weekend dedicated to shoes! With the slap from Jack Frost's sharp hand that has besieged us it's probably only Liberty that could heat us up with shoes, the freshest drag maestros and music spun by DJ Richard Sloan they way they did tonight.

And with all that to tempt me you know I was in the mix. And you know you have to as well. Get to planning your purchases here.

Firstly, props to Liberty for their serenely casual layout. Remember how I freak out when shopping? Well I didn't freak out once (not even a little bit). The whole store flows and the store assistants don't swamp you and do the hard sale - no, they smile, leave you to peruse and if and when you need assistance they're right there just like that. I'm not sure how it's done but by Jove it's magical.

But for now back to the shoes. Ah, the shoes. Kirkwoods. Westwoods. KG. Ash's. YES! I was in shoe heaven - and although I didn't make a purchase today (payday is seven days away), I've got my eyes on a pair of Kirkwood boots that'll make me starry eyed.

Talking of starry eyed - Jeanette, The Pearly Queen and Lavinia dropped by to whip us into a frenzy of laughter, shopping and joviality. Seriously, I need to find out why drag is called drag 'cos these ladies where just yummy and you really get the sense that they are excellent at entertaining and bringing some magic into your life. Definitely a talent. Definitely a fan.

Also - (my, this post is getting long but bare with me) I spied Louise Gray. Cue mouth dropping open and gasps of audible envy. Or at least from me who ogled her highlighter green leather jacket. I don't think I've wanted something so much (well maybe apart from the Kirkwoods). It made me smile, also just realised it inadvertently matched the drinks. My kinda fashion. Really, only she could evoke such awe from me. I really do love her designs. They're so aspirational, smile inducing and dare I say it happy. Her clothes make me happy. Her dress for Lulu & Co (see just why Lulu & Co are one of Matches Top 10 here). Happiness personified. .

I wish I could of said hello but I got so scared and I just hung around her like some sort of pervert or bad smell.

Talking of bad smell I stank real good when DJ Sloan announced he liked my hair, to which I answered thanks. But that's not the stinky part, let's keep going. He then proceeded to ask me where my shoes where from and in a classic mouth not engaging with brain moment I shouted out Primark. Dar-hude! What? That's like giving a vegan a double-cheeseburger wrapped in bacon. Wrong. I could of said anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Just not Primark. Oh well better luck next time ay. Told you it stunk.

Next time I'll have my blue and black Kirkwood boots on though and I'll smell of only sweet roses.

Hopefully, I will have some wonderful news to share with you next week to do with Lulu and her wonderful crew. Seriously it could be amazing but if not I'll still delight you with tales of my shortcomings a la my Primark outburst.

For details of the weekend click me!

That's all folks.


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