Tuesday, 21 September 2010


"Wow-wee Marios Schwab". LFW is here baby. The stars are out and boy are they putting on a show. Just look at the detailing in that aqua skirt. And top. Brilliance. And let’s mash the damn ting up with some gorgeous leather counterparts. Hello my love. Sheer magnifque. Can you tell I love this a little lot?

The blue dress with the eye lace detail, the black lace overlay on that dress, the fitted maxi dress that looks like a silk body suit.

I also realise I have just written an entire paragraph with no fragment of consideration for grammar, considered English, structure or actual sentences but who gives a egg, certainly not me. And why you ask? Because this my fine friends is my idea of fashion heaven. Colour, leather, print and fine lacey lace details. DING! DONG! I have literally jizzed in me lady pants.

I think me gonna have to lie down for a bit.

I’m going to stop now because the clothes induce such excitement in me that I will just continue to write a long old post that doesn’t make much sense - and you will begin to question whether I actually passed my GCSEs.

Images courtesy of Vogue. Fall in love with me and make sure you click the hell outta that close up tool.


Marios Schwab SS11


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