Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Anyone got a spare couple thousand to swing my way?

Might just stand outside Tesco with a bucket and see how far I can get in the mission Celine bag.

Any other suggestions are most welcomes.

A classic bag is a staple that can hold together any outfit and clean up even the most slapdash early morning running late for work choices. As me and the bestest were discussing over dinner on Friday there are certain things a woman must pride herself in ... nails, hair and handbag/shoes were our top choices and by jove this would do it for me. Am I turning into a bag whore? I think maybe so.

Now where's that bucket?

images by the legendary Tommy Ton at Jak & Jil.



  1. You're not alone.

  2. Celine is my dream too, hope you get it and if you do take pics for us ;)x

  3. Thanks for checking the blog peeps!

    Aww I hope I get it too. I figure if I need to save £400 a month to get it by end of September a.k.a. start of A/W. Although plan rob a bank is still very appealing.


  4. lol fashion maths, get it and blogit