Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Me and the wife went out for dinner yet again this Friday - seriously I am so over going out and getting plastered on a run of the mill night out.

What is it again same places, same faces. Don't get me wrong I love a dingy, sweaty dancefloor as much as the next lunatic but as I age I'm finding that one night of this a month is thoroughly enough to tide me over. Perhaps, I'm getting too old or more likely there are more productive things I can do than be in the pub every weekend without a change of scenery.

Fine food, fine friends and fine wine is the new order of the day and at Michelin starred L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon this is exactly what I got. Plus you can actually sit down and have a conversation and chill and relax, somewhat harder when fighting your way to the bar down the pub or in the club. Oh dear I'm turning into my parents.

Highly recommended and thoroughly dribble inducing don't you know dining out is the new passing out.

Three food posts in two weeks? Looks like Mr. Fried Eggs is living up to its' name.


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