Saturday, 7 May 2011


This shade of orange burnt, tangerine or even prison yard has been creeping into my path more and more as time passes.

From adorning my nails via Barry M to a pair of skinny jeans from my teens years when skinny jeans didn't exist except on young Londoners like me and in any case where described as stretch jeans. I had these in almost every colour imaginable and those of us who partook in this will have nostalgic memories of Versace and Moschino. Anyhow here are my only surviving pair and what an orangefest they are.

And with a Christopher Kane lace biker jacket in my sights (all ordered and waiting on) it looks like I'll be jumping into this pool of orange head first.

Now if only I had nabbed that Jil Sander market bag back in April(damn you Glastonbury tickets).


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