Tuesday, 17 May 2011


We are live.

The first issue of Teenbook is out today and my ugly mug is plastered for all you lovely readers to take a look at.

But on a serious note seeing the behind the scenes efforts of the team culminate in the first edition is var exciting indeed. Besides my ugly mug is remedied by the precision styling, shooting and writing within its' pages.

Working on an ezine is a digital project that often means the final product can be circulated to a wide and immediate audience with relative speed and ease. In fact many of the more traditional print fashion publications now offer e-versions in order to suppress our e-appetite as it were or at the very least offer blogs and online content. Just to look at a few of the players in the game (i-D, Dazed, Vogue, Nylon, LOVE, Purple) and it's clear the interwebs has revolutionised the way fashion, arts and culture writing is presented to us. Something design houses have cottoned onto, as well explored by Susie Bubble.

The idea of Teenbook is the brainchild of Editor-in-Chief Sara Qaddoura and aims to bring fashion and culture to a younger generation who in the magazine world are often left without any specific publication geared towards them.

So step forward Teenbook.

Subscribe and read our first issue here and follow the Teenbook blog here.

Dead chuffed mate!



  1. looks good and I like the concept. congrats on having your writing published

  2. Thank you so much! And a toast to you for checking it and Fried Eggs out! kiss.

  3. Well dun for this.

  4. Thanks a bazillion! kiss.