Tuesday, 10 May 2011


During the A/W11 fashion weeks that took place earlier this year the pouch was paraded in between many a hand and being more relaxed, comfortable and looser than the traditional clutch the pouch is the perfect new accessory.

Costing far less than it's counterpart the handbag it also makes perfect economical sense in my eyes, but then I'm able to find sense inanything leather and slouchy.

Remarkably the contents of my handbag translates (fits) into a pouch perfectly, as was proven by myself last winter when I proudly paraded this Primark studded clutch (note this is not me but some girlybob I found on Google when I searched for 'Primark studded pouch'). Usually I can never find, be bothered or appreciate the various tid bits in Primark but on this one occasion I struck it lucky.

However, it's definitely time for an upgrade.

So I'm going to nab myself a Commes slouch soon from Dover Street Market but until I do in the meantime here are some images from Tommy Ton and Fashion Squad to tide you over. I might even do an outfit of a day accessories post with the new camera and slouch. But one step at a time ay.

Wanna get your slouch on too ...

1. It's all going down Commes des style at Dover Street Market
2. Or save the pennies at AA
3. And if you fancy causing oodles of slouch envy here's Celine ...

Sweet Celine.


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