Thursday, 5 May 2011


I've reached another year further into this here life and yesterday was my day of birth anniversary - commonly called my birthday.

And what a day it was.

Starting at midnight with ma dragging me half asleep from bed to find the family congregated downstairs with TWO yep two birthday cakes (chocolate might I add) and what a very blessed girl I am. After the rounds of happy birthday and all that lark and card reading I found propped up against the dining room table this and wow did it knock the wind outta my tired sails.

I won't bore you with my new bike obsession but this beaut rocked my world.

Not taking the day off work marks a definite sign of my increasing age and after an average day there a spectacular night was had by me and the girls at Bistrotheque. Amazing food, amazing friends and amazing laughs. At one point I had to vacate the table as I couldn't breathe due to the raucous joy that erupted through me during a rendition of Hearsay (don't ask).

By now you will know I am a Bistrotheque fan to the high hilt and thoroughly demand that if you can you try it out. An immecable wine list was demolished along with steak tartare, duck confit and lemmon posset. Yes mate! Not to mention the gorgeous buns and that not including the ones in the bread basket.

Anyhow presents from my beautiful friends included a trip to Paris, bicycle accessories : ) and a highly coveted discount for a Christopher Kane jacket.

I thank God to the high heavens for what my friends and family have done for me over these last 24hours and 24years and until next year, here's what I'm drooling over.


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