Friday, 20 May 2011


Whenever we are presented with a secret (okay maybe I should de-generalise that statement) whenever I am presented with a secret my Colombo trench comes on and its all systems go for mission decode the secret.

Thankfully the advent of hyperlinks means the Topshop secret that was revealed this morning was only one click away.

And call a penny a pound this is one fine secret.

Now we all know that Pamela Love has collaborated with Topshop to create a capsule jewellery collection which depending on which source you followed is/was due to hit us yesterday, today or next week.

Follow this link to find out which side the coin fell on this wager.

Talking of bets fancy taking one on which year this iD cover is from?

Now the idea here of course is that the word secret compels us to do exactly the opposite of what is intended of a secret and not keep it. Ingeniousness PR and retail ideas are usually at their best when a small speck of fashion snowflake snowballs out of control creating a buzz that can only be filled by being at the right place at the right time.

Step forward in this case a Meadham Kirchhoff curated 'Wild at Heart' flower show and you have there the very makings of a retail concept avalanche. And the addition of Michael Van Der Ham makes the print in me scream 'praise be to God'.

It's almost enough to make you pass out.

Checking into BOOOOOOOM! this morning the print on display made me wonder surely this must be some sort of affirmation from the man upstairs that this Topshop secret is just the thing I had to come across. This first example by Erling Sjovold definitely brings me back to Kirchhoffs smock dresses for Topshop which are still available to grab right about here.

Sources: Vintage iD Cover, Michael Van Der Ham SS11 from his interwebs, Robert Tepiak, Erling Sjovold, David Ligare, Bill avec Ted and Caribou.

It's all looking really fit this Friday morning yar?

Pulls face like Bill!


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