Saturday, 7 May 2011


My monthly roster of fashion publications form a routine and pleasurable habit that forms some sort of relaible ritual that I can be certain to partake in.

Like any habit there are the regulars Vogue, iD and Dazed and Confused and then the new loves that have lifted the routine 'normality' of the Big 3: Wonderland, LOVE etc who now join the ever growing magazine corner in my room.

This season the Prada 'stripes and banana' collection has totted up more covers and stories than I can begin to recollect. Not to mention fruits and stripes popping up every which way on the high street. To this end it is always interesting to see how each publication styles the collection - and Dazed has managed to still add a scent of newness to a collection that feels very much 'un-new' - which is always a downside of the publicity, sales driven digital age. Still, not complaining though without that age I wouldn't have this page (oh dear am I rhyming now).

And my favourite, Wonderland, dedicating its' pages to reality tv in a way only they can has tickled me no end and I must commend Wonderland for really living up to its' name in between those glossy sheets.

Harpers Bazaar being another firm golden oldie gave the white trend a nod and the advertising and promotions team at Christian Dior is pushing plush beauty with great success with the help of Kate Moss and a sealed envelope to its' readers - cheers geezer. Their sleek uncluttered covers being the highlight of this magazine for me. It's design simplicity to perfection.

Anyhow, as I peruse the pages of my online and magazine fashion readings with a cup of tea and begin working on my biography for the first Teenbook issue - what fashion readings are you digging this month?


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